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Impact of Battle of Britain WW2 on Fashion Industry

Nudie Cohn Authentic Womens Purple Rhinestone suit made for Judy Lynn

Tenum Baron Woven Fabric

Full handmade woven fabrics which are produced directly from craftsmen in Timor...

Vintage F F Scarf 100% Nylon Rain Head Cover Water Repellant made in Taiwan

Vintage/Antique Wool Fedora The Mallory Retriever 6 7/8 Premium Quality MensHat

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Heritage Auctions to Host First-Ever Sale of Rare Sneakers

JACK McCONNELL Vtg 60's OOAK Rare White Straw Floral Tilt Hat

MR. JOHN Classic Vtg Wide Brim Pearl, Sequin, Applique Straw Hat

JACK McCONNELL Boutique Straw Wide Brim VTG Hat

Mr. John, Adolfo II, Kurtz Nannette

CHRISTINE ORGINAL Vintage 60’s Sigma Zephyr Brown Fur Felt Hat

Mr. KURT True Vintage 1940's Red Velvet Cloche Women's Hat Sz S

Evelyn Varon True Vintage 40's/50's Black Straw Cloche Women's Hat Sz M-L

Evelyn Varon True Vintage 40's/50's Black Straw Cloche Women's Hat Sz M-L

JACK McCONNELL VTG NWT Pink Straw Wide Brim Floral Hat

DON ANDERSON Vintage 50’s Women’s Red Wool Feathered Wide Brim Hat Sz M

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Vintage vinyl rain coat by Dolce & Gabbana

Vintage Silk Scarf 1966 Derby Horse Race Winners from 1780 to 1966 by Welch Marg...

Vintage Silk Dress Stripes - UK size 8/10