How IoT Will Shape the Gambling Industry



2019-11-25 16:49:02

Have you ever thought of a smartwatch as a device to play casino games? It sounds weird but this is a real thing.

The concept of a smartwatch casino app was introduced by Microgaming back in 2014. That’s hardly surprising as this game developer is a trendsetter and inventor of new ways we access and play reviewed casinos by Microgaming. In those days, gambling on smartwatches looked like a farfetched project. Yet after the launch of the first smartwatch casino game in 2017, the users eagerly embraced the product. It was a slot game with a simplified interface that fit into the small screen.

With its smartwatch casino solution, Microgaming has tapped into the IoT realm and inspired other developers to follow suit. Since then, online gambling has evolved featuring a variety of options to enjoy games.

What is IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a ‘network’ of devices connected to the Internet. They are able to collect and exchange data with each other. These devices send and receive data via sensor components, electronics, and embedded software. On the basis of the gathered data, they perform an action that they were actually designed for.

Imagine an alarm clock that would know your gambling habits and the time when you usually access casinos. It would know your favorite games and would notify you about the new bonuses and promotions available for these specific games. With the growing network of interconnected smart devices, it would be possible soon. By the way, it’s projected that the number of such devices will reach 20 billion in 2020.

Now, let’s consider some IoT gadgets that are available on the market and already have an impact on online gambling. They are not mainstream gadgets like smartphones or tablets but have big potential to reach widespread usage due to their unique capabilities.

AR and VR headsets add new reality to


While playing poker in the comfort of your home, the AR device is capable to augment the surroundings to resemble a casino and VR devices immerse you in a realistic virtual poker room. Moreover, modern VR tools enable players to walk around the casino floors, interact with other players or objects, and even smoke a virtual cigar. Who won’t be amazed with such a unique experience?

VR casinos and games saw a noticeable growth soon after the headsets had become more affordable for average players. HTC and Oculus Rift are the major VR market players, which constantly improve their headsets making them more advanced.

At the moment, developers are seeking to connect various sensors and monitors to both your smartphones and wearables and create an unparalleled VR-based experience. The IoT controllers remodel the players’ interaction with the game. More precisely, with a larger number of embedded sensors and controllers, players will be able to ‘feel’ the game delving into virtual casinos.

The information gained via AR and VR devices coupled with data collected from smartphones and computers can completely transform the world of gambling.

IoT as a bridge between users and

gambling platforms

Apart from powering cutting-edge devices to deliver unique gambling experiences, the technology has helped online casinos improve their services and products attracting even more players. The interconnection of advanced devices is capable to enhance many aspects of casino operation.

  • Casino operators can use IoT to protect customers from inappropriate behavior. By collecting and tracking data of the user’s gambling activity, online casinos can identify when the behavior patterns become deviant. The sites may notify players that the problem is detected and encourage them to take necessary measures. This way, for example, casinos can spot compulsive gamblers.

  • Many players become loyal to a specific casino because of its excellent customer service amongst other things. IoT can help platforms tackle this issue in many ways. They can offer more game types preferred by the player, deliver regular rewards and better offers. Players’ accounts and devices that they use to play are the main sources of information for casinos.

  • Gamers would never have to receive random ads from casinos. Gambling sites will make your favorite games the main focus when marketing to you. Also, they could promote new games taking into account your changing needs brought by IoT devices. Personalization of the gaming experience could be another big change as analytics could learn what version of the game you enjoy, which theme and the graphics style you prefer, and which bets you make.

Potential of IoT and the future


There are many talks about smart casinos, VR and AR gambling platforms, etc. They do exist but they haven’t reached massive adoption yet. Nevertheless, the progress of IoT is ensured by the ubiquitously growing use of smart devices. These gadgets can easily be connected to online casinos and interact with each other. This way, IoT can increase user engagement and improve gambling experience.

Software developers are now leveraging IoT capabilities to build cutting-edge games with state-of-the-art features based on shared data. Meanwhile, you can reap the rewards of effortless online gambling, enhanced gaming experience, and high-quality customer care.

IoT is a bridge that covers the gap between gambling platforms and players. Now that we have more internet-connected devices and gaming equipment with multiple sensors and controllers, gambling platforms can better cater to the changing needs and wants of players.


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