5 PlayStation games you never knew were valuable



2015-06-26 13:58:09

Have you got a hidden gem in your dust-collecting collection?

Back in the days of blocky graphics and pixels the size of your head, the PlayStation (PS1) was a game-changer.

December 3 marks the 20th anniversary since we first sat in front of our TV screens in 1994, watching the immortal "PS" logo load for the first of many, many times.

Take a look at some of the rarest collectible PS1 games out there today…

**Final Fantasy VII
$700 **

Image: Wikipedia

Final Fantasy VII was a top-selling RPG, with millions of us sucked into the world of Cloud, Sephiroth and the Shinra company.

Yet nostalgia has made original copies of the game highly valuable today.

Most of the available copies are re-issues for PlayStation Platinum, but sealed copies of the original "black label" version have been known to sell for up to $700 on eBay.

Suikoden II

Image: Wikipedia

Another highly popular RPG, this Japanese game is a sequel to the original, allowing you to upload
characters from the previous edition.

However, it was initially released in a limited run and didn't sell many copies, making those remaining few hot property.

A copy is currently available for $369 on eBay.

**Elemental Gearbolt Assassin Case
$3,000 **

Image: Wikipedia

You can pick up a copy of this light gun shooter game for around $60 online, but these Assassin Case is extremely hard to find.

With just 50 ever made, they were given away to press at the 1998 E3 convention, containing a copy of the game, gold light gun and an special edition memory card.

They've been known to sell for around $3,000, but are rarely seen at auction – if you see a copy, buy it quick!

ISS Pro Evolution

Image: Wikipedia

Now the main rival to the FIFA games, Pro Evolution Soccer has just released its 2015 edition.

However, us old folks will remember well the days when "Pro Evo" had the rather long winded title of International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution, better known as ISS Pro.

The third game in the series, ISS Pro Evolution was great, and many an hour was spent thrashing mates.

However, it was released just six months before the PlayStation 2 hit the shelves, and everyone was saving their pennies for the new console, meaning few copies were sold.

Today, a brand new copy of the game can sell for as much as $150, but there are tatty used examples for around $25 online.


Image: Wikipedia

Remember the PlayStation Mouse?

Perhaps the most unused peripheral for the PS1, it was mainly used in the type of boring strategy games your best friend's older brother spent hours playing in his room. Alone. In the dark.

The Discworld game, based on Terry Pratchett's novels, was one of those. You used the mouse to point-and-click your way around the fantasy world, getting into magical mischief on the way.

It was only really bought by Pratchett devotees at the time, so copies are rare. Those devotees also power the current market for the game, driving prices to as much as $150 on eBay.

Team Buddies

Image: Wikipedia

Team Buddies is awesome. A wholesome, light-hearted game, it mixes RPG strategy with elements of Worms, and was a hugely fun multiplayer.

Another game overshadowed by the PS2 release, few copies were ever sold, but those that bought it at the time know how good it was and are looking to buy another copy to relive the fun. A brand-new copy will set you back around $250.

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