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Lot 1631: Small bronze Metallic Art Company plaque

Lot 1619: Collection of vintage license plate car badges

Lot 1628: Small bronze club badge plaque

Lot 1607: Two CMC Mercedes model cars, etc.

Lot 1608: Kyosho Aston Martin V12 Vanquish scale model car

Lot 1614: Seven pieces of Oldsmobile advertising china, etc

Lot 1585: Two Arnold tin wind-up ocean liner boats

Lot 1605: Five Franklin and Danbury Mint scale model cars

Lot 1566: Painted tin forge steam toy accessory

Lot 1549: Two Arnold painted tin blacksmith steam toys

Lot 1555: Two painted tin workmen steam toy accessories

Lot 1565: Four tin lithograph workmen steam toy accessories

Lot 1560: Three painted and lithograph tin steam toys

Lot 1547: Two lithograph windmill steam toy accessories

Lot 1536: Painted tin workshop steam toy accessory

Lot 1541: Doll painted tin Ferris wheel steam toy accessory

Lot 1542: Painted tin marble mill steam toy accessory

Lot 1545: Becker dredge hand crank steam toy accessory

Lot 1529: Falk painted tin Ferris wheel steam toy accessory

Lot 1532: Three Mohr & Krauss mill steam toy accessories

Lot 1533: Three Fleischmann painted tin steam toys

Lot 1525: Two Doll painted steam toy accessories

Lot 1517: Painted tin two-tier carousel steam toy accessory

Lot 1523: Falk painted tin double swing steam toy accessory

Lot 1485: Becker painted tin worker steam toy accessory

Lot 1510: Folk art painted foresters wood steam toys

Lot 1513: Hawhotte & Klausmann flying boats steam toy

Lot 1480: Bing tin lithograph clown with dog steam toy

Lot 1508: Folk art painted tailor shop wood steam toy

Lot 1481: Carette painted tin blacksmith steam toy accessor