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2015-06-26 11:19:35

Bandai remote control Godzilla toys are a series of toys based on variations of the Japanese movie monster Godzilla, a giant lizard who attacks Tokyo, produced by Japanese company Bandai Co Ltd.


Background and Description

The monster Godzilla first appeared in the 1954 film by Ishiro Honda entitled ‘Godzilla’. Since then, Godzilla has starred in 28 films produced by Toho Company Ltd and is a worldwide pop culture icon.

Bandai is a Japanese toy making and video game company, the third largest toy producer in the world. They also operate under Bandai USA to produce toys for the American market.

With the release of the 1991 Toho film Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, Bandai began producing vinyl figures of the character. They kept producing these figures with each new Toho film. They soon moved on to battery operated Godzilla models, and large scale models, before bringing out various remote control Godzillas.

The King Scale MechaGodzilla 93 and Godzilla 93 walk forward and side to size, move their arms and head, open their mouths, and roar, controlled by a remote control in the shape of a maser tank.

The Radio Control RadioactiveWalk Godzilla 94 walks, opens its mouth, roars, and lights up its spine. It was re-issued in 1995, along with the debut of the RadioactiveBlast Godzilla, which includes a Super XIII shaped remote control.

After this, Bandai stopped producing remote control Godzillas until the Togo film Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Monsters All Out Attack in 2002. The DX Godzilla 2002 walks, moves its body and head and roars. The remote control is in the shape of a building.

The RC Godzilla 2004 has a regular hand held controller and walks, turns, and roars.

Bandai brought out another remote control Mecha Godzilla in 2009, somewhat confusingly named after its film origin rather than its year of manufacture, as the Mecha Godzilla 1974, as it is a faithful rendering of the Robosaurus Rex from 1974’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. It walks, moves its arms, opens and closes its mouth, flashes its eyes, fingertips, mouth and chest in various colours, and astonishingly spins its head and hands around. It was sold out instantly at a price of $900 new.

Some, notably the most recent 2009 are as large as 20” tall.

Collecting Bandai remote control Godzilla toys and their value

Bandai Godzilla figures are a popular area of collectibles. The remote control examples in particular have many fans. Some of the Bandai remote control Godzillas were only available in Japan upon their release, yet were very sought-after in America and Europe. This makes them particularly valuable to Western consumers.

Bandai remote control Godzilla toys are much more valuable when they retain their original packaging. They are more valuable if their remote controls are still in working order.

The ultimate 2009 model is extremely valuable, especially as it sold out, and was only available in Japan. Many lucky owners who snapped one up in 2009 are hanging onto them. There is one example currently being advertised for $2,500 online.

Some of the older remote control Godzillas sell for $3-$230 on eBay. Value really depends on which particular model of remote control Godzilla is being sold.

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