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2015-06-26 11:19:25

Baby Feels So Real dolls are dolls first produced by The Mego Corporation in the 1970s-early 1980s, and slightly different models produced by Tyco Toys in the early 1990s.


Background and Description

Dolls known as Baby Feels So Real dolls were first produced by a company called Mego in the 1970s-early 1980s. The Mego Corporation dominated the action figure toy market during the 1970s. The Baby Feels So Real doll was a departure from their established products, but popular amongst younger children. Partially due to the catastrophic decision to reject the license for Star Wars toys, Mego went bankrupt in 1983.

A different model of Baby Feels So Real dolls were then produced by Tyco Toys in the early 1990s. Tyco were best known for their electric racing products. They branched out in the early 1990s to develop products such as the Baby Feels So Real dolls. These were made in China for the company.

Baby Feels So Real dolls are filled with a gel type fluid, generally agreed to be corn syrup, to make them heavy like a real baby. The early Mego dolls had blonde hair and were scented, like baby powder. If left in a hot place the doll would go very soft and liquid, if too cold, the gel inside would freeze.

The later Tyco versions from the early 1990s were also filled with gel, but they were bald, with the addition of a cage of plastic bones inside, a skull, and a soft spot on their head like a newborn would have. Similarly to the Mego dolls, if left in the heat the gel inside would melt, and sometimes the bones would soften too. If left in the cold the doll would stiffen. They were made of vinyl. There was a Caucasian with blue eyes and an African American version.

Collecting Baby Feels So Real dolls

Most collectors of Baby Feels So Real dolls collect the doll they had as a child. This is either the Mego 1970s-80s doll, or the Tyco 1990s doll. Often they are collected not necessarily as an investment or as part of a greater collection, but because of nostalgia. Many people want their own children to experience the same toys that they loved when they were young.

The Baby Feels So Real dolls came with accoutrements such as a bottle, and items of clothing. They would be more valuable if they retained these items, especially along with their original packaging. However, this is extremely rare. The dolls were bought to be played with. Even if they have been in storage, they have often overheated and gone out of shape.

Many Baby Feels So Real dolls suffered from experimental children stabbing or dissecting them and letting the gel inside out, or leaving them to melt in the sun and leak, or burst under the weight of other toys in a toy box. Baby Feels So Real dolls sometimes become deformed as the gel inside them solidifies with age. There is a method to re-liquefy the gel inside outlined on the instruction leaflets, though these have often been lost to time.

The delicate and transient nature of these dolls makes examples in good condition rare, and this, coupled with the nostalgic desire many feel for them, render them quite valuable in certain circumstances.

Baby Feels So Real dolls are easy to identify. The Mego dolls have Mego Corp stamped on the back of their heads. The Tyco dolls likewise have ‘Baby Feels So Real Tyco 1991’ stamped on the back of their neck.

They can be found on auction websites such as eBay, through direct trading on discussion forums about the doll, or in second hand stores and fairs.


eBay lists past sale prices of $15-$30 for the Tyco dolls, and around $20 for Mego dolls. One Mego is example currently being offered for $250.

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