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Lot 62: Miscellaneous tablewares

Lot 70: Miscellaneous tablewares

Lot 75: Chinese tablewares

Lot 93: Swazi

Lot 92: Swazi

Lot 115: Three carved wooden spoons

Lot 111: Three pieces of Philadelphia pewter

Lot 1944: Assorted Asian porcelain tableware

Lot 1800: Assorted Japanese lacquer tableware

Lot 1155: Six English pewter plates

Lot 786: Nest of three blue spongeware bowls

Lot 493: Fifty-five pieces of Elsmore & Forster white wheat ironstone

Lot 490: Twenty-six pieces of Elsmore & Forster blue wheat ironstone

Lot 491: Forty-eight pieces of Elsmore & Forster white wheat ironstone

Lot 492: Elsmore & Forster white wheat ironstone chamber set

Lot 371: Joseph Lehn

Lot 370: American copper kettle

Lot 363: Four redware plates and shallow bowls

Lot 362: Pennsylvania slip decorated redware pie plate

Lot 341: Majolica plate with bird and grapevine decoration

Lot 339: Majolica fish pitcher

Lot 340: Three Majolica pitchers

Lot 338: Two Majolica pitchers

Lot 169: Blue sponge bowl

Lot 109: Unusual Pennsylvania walnut knife tray with a drawer

Lot 106: Pearlware plate

Lot 107: Pennsylvania walnut knife tray

Lot 96: Five assorted Pennsylvania redware plates

Lot 86: Walnut knife tray

Lot 84: Cherry knife tray