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Sports memorabilia


Lot 927: Joe Namath DSs

Lot 915: Henry Armstrong TLS

Lot 928: Arnold Palmer Signed Photo

Lot 922: DiMaggio Brothers Display

Lot 904: Ty Cobb Signature

Lot 907: Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio Baseball

Lot 916: Charles Atlas Signed Photo

Lot 920: Joe DiMaggio TLS

Lot 924: Jake LaMotta Checks

Lot 909: Joe Louis Signature

Lot 929: O. J. Simpson DS

Lot 903: Roberto Clemente Check

Lot 925: Meadowlark Lemon DS

Lot 917: Larry Bird and Magic Johnson Signed Photo

Lot 910: Rocky Marciano Check

Lot 911: Babe Ruth Signed Photo

Lot 912: Babe Ruth Baseball

Lot 905: Ty Cobb Check

Lot 908: Joe Louis Signed Photo

Lot 923: Ben Hogan Signed Photo

Lot 926: Mantle, DiMaggio, and Williams Signed Photo

Lot 919: Jack Dempsey DS

Lot 918: James B. Connolly TLS

Lot 906: Bobby Fischer DS

Lot 913: George Sisler Baseball

Lot 914: Muhammad Ali and Angelo Dundee Boxing gloves

Lot 921: Joe DiMaggio Signed Photos

Lot 258: Olympic Torch From the 2014 Olympic Games Held in Sochi, Russia

Lot 257: Olympic Torch From the 1980 Olympic Games Held in Moscow

Lot 3214: Russian Olympics 1972, 1992, and 1996 Set of (4) Team Medals