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Sports memorabilia


Lot 7087: Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Dual-Signed Page

Lot 7090: Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics Torch

Lot 7089: Jackie Robinson Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 7088: Jackie Robinson Letter Archive

Lot 765: Babe Ruth Signed Photo

Lot 769: Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier Poster

Lot 772: Joe DiMaggio Baseball

Lot 775: Ben Hogan Signed Photo

Lot 763: Roger Maris Signed Photo

Lot 781: Ted Williams Baseball

Lot 774: Walter Hagen Signature

Lot 779: Mantle, DiMaggio, and Williams Signed Photos

Lot 758: Heisman Trophy Winners Helmet

Lot 767: Bill Tilden Book

Lot 773: Lefty Gomez Baseball

Lot 780: Mantle, Mays, and Snider Baseball

Lot 757: Boston Red Sox vs. All Stars: 1917 Baseball

Lot 768: Torino 2006 Winter Olympics Pair of Participation Medals Participation...

Lot 770: Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks Signed Photo

Lot 776: Mickey Mantle Book

Lot 762: Lake Placid 1932 Winter Olympics Bronze Participation Medal Participati...

Lot 777: Mickey Mantle Baseball

Lot 782: Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio Signed Photo

Lot 760: Lou Gehrig typed signed letter

Lot 761: Los Angeles Dodgers 1958 Ring

Lot 759: Hockey: Stanley Cup Poster

Lot 764: Paris 1924 Summer Olympics Press Badge

Lot 766: Ryder Cup: 1951 Program

Lot 771: Jack Dempsey Postcard

Lot 778: Mickey Mantle Signed Photo