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Sports memorabilia


Lot 685: Cal Ripken, Jr Game-worn Cap

Lot 689: Tennis Group lot

Lot 690: Johnny Unitas Football

Lot 688: Zack Taylor Signed Photo

Lot 691: Ted Williams Checks

Lot 667: Boston Red Sox: 1964 Program

Lot 671: Chicago Cubs: Charlie Root and Guy Bush Signed Photos

Lot 680: Joe Louis Night Signature

Lot 664: Boston Bees: 1937 Baseball

Lot 665: Boston Bees: 1937 Signed Photo

Lot 663: Basketball Group lot

Lot 643: Baseball: 1950s Autograph Book

Lot 658: Auto Racing Group lot

Lot 687: Sugar Ray Robinson Signed Photo

Lot 679: Michael Jordan Magazine Cover

Lot 686: Olympians Group lot

Lot 674: Dale Earnhardt Tire

Lot 675: Roger Federer Group Lot

Lot 682: Mantle, DiMaggio, and Williams Postcards

Lot 652: Muhammad Ali AQS

Lot 678: Horse Racing Group lot

Lot 648: Babe Ruth CBS Pass

Lot 661: Baseball: 1940s Minor League Baseball

Lot 657: Muhammad Ali and Floyd Patterson Signed Photo

Lot 659: Baseball Signed Photos

Lot 656: Muhammad Ali Print

Lot 666: Boston Celtics Lithograph

Lot 677: Golfers Group lot

Lot 683: NY Yankees Photo

Lot 649: Wilbur Shaw Signed Photo