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Lot 928: Baltimore Colts: 1967 Program

Lot 948: Jack Nicklaus Signed Photo

Lot 949: Jack Nicklaus Scorecard

Lot 952: Pele Signed Photos

Lot 953: Pete Rose Baseballs

Lot 934: Primo Carnera Signed Photo

Lot 939: Heisman Trophy Winners Helmet

Lot 942: Ben Hogan Signed Photo

Lot 932: Baseball: Rookies of the Year Signed Photo

Lot 931: Baseball Hall of Famers: Class of 1999 Baseball

Lot 933: Boxing Group lot

Lot 940: Ben Hogan Checks

Lot 944: Joe Louis Signature

Lot 955: Tiger Woods Signed Photo

Lot 941: Ben Hogan FDC

Lot 951: Jack Nicklaus and Patty Berg FDC

Lot 954: Marcel Thil Signed Photo

Lot 924: Bobby Jones Signed Photo

Lot 930: Baseball Hall of Famers Books

Lot 935: Georges Carpentier Signed Photo

Lot 938: Joe DiMaggio Signed Photo

Lot 923: Bobby Fischer Signature

Lot 927: Athletes Program

Lot 936: Cincinnati Reds: Big Red Machine Baseball

Lot 946: Miami Dolphins Book

Lot 950: Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer Signed Photo

Lot 926: Mantle, DiMaggio, and Williams Signed Photo

Lot 925: Bobby Jones TLS

Lot 947: Gogea Mitu Signed Photo

Lot 956: Tiger Woods Signed Photo