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Lot 746: Joe Louis signature

Lot 732: Duke Kahanamoku program

Lot 741: David Beckham book

Lot 742: DiMaggio Brothers display

Lot 750: Sports Legends posters

Lot 752: Cartoonists baseballs

Lot 723: Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics Torch

Lot 727: Muhammad Ali print

Lot 728: Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier lithograph

Lot 729: Joe DiMaggio signed photo

Lot 730: Indianapolis 500 helmet

Lot 722: Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Torch

Lot 736: Babe Ruth and Moe Berg baseball

Lot 751: Tiger Woods signed photo

Lot 745: Los Angeles Dodgers signed documents

Lot 753: Robert Crumb lithograph

Lot 744: Roger Federer group lot

Lot 733: Wilbur Shaw signed photo

Lot 734: Tiger Woods score card

Lot 743: Leo Durocher baseball

Lot 726: Muhammad Ali book

Lot 749: Mantle, Mays, and Aaron signed photo

Lot 748: Mickey Mantle lithograph

Lot 735: Ted Lyons handwritten signed letter

Lot 739: Muhammad Ali commemorative cover

Lot 747: Mickey Mantle signed photo

Lot 724: Paris 1900 Summer Olympics Silvered Bronze Winner’s Medal for Athletics

Lot 731: Bobby Jones signed photo

Lot 725: Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Torch

Lot 852: Leroy Neiman and O.J. Simpson Lithograph