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A large collection of polo trophies and photo archive

1966 England World Cup Squad Signed Menu

Lot 862: Elihu Phinney Check

Lot 882: Derek Jeter Baseball

Lot 895: Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio Signed Photo

Lot 872: Muhammad Ali Album

Lot 870: Muhammad Ali Signed Photo

Lot 852: Baseball: 1940s Autograph Book

Lot 890: Pele Jersey

Lot 878: Joe DiMaggio Baseball

Lot 881: Althea Gibson Signed Photo

Lot 883: Evel Knievel Crash Helmet

Lot 887: NY Mets: 1969 Baseball

Lot 874: Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford Baseball

Lot 873: Baseball Hall of Famers Baseball

Lot 863: Babe Ruth Signature

Lot 866: Muhammad Ali Gloves

Lot 867: Muhammad Ali Program

Lot 857: Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle Signatures

Lot 859: Pat McCormick Passports

Lot 886: Minnesota Twins: 1964 and 1970 Basebalsigned Letter

Lot 889: Walter Payton Signed Photo

Lot 893: Ted Williams Baseball

Lot 896: Ted Williams, and Joe and Dom DiMaggio Signed Photo

Lot 885: Mantle, Williams, and DiMaggio Group Lot

Lot 877: Jack Dempsey Signed Photo

Lot 855: Joe Louis Book

Lot 864: Craig Wood Signature

Lot 861: Mel Ott Signature

Lot 871: Muhammad Ali Handwritten Signed Quotation