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Saint Louis’ Apollo 11 exhibition opens on April 14

Wernher von Braun’s plans reach $99,000 at RR Auction

Wernher von Braun archive to sell at RR Auction

Sputnik satellite test model sells for $850,000 at Bonhams

Apollo 11 lunar sample bag sells for record $1.8 million

Original Apollo 13 flight plan to sell at Sotheby's

The bag full of Moon dust worth $4 million for sale at Sotheby's

Penthouse Pet flown to the Moon could sell for over $10,000

Pieces of the Apollo 11 Columbia Command Module to sell at RR Auction

Alan Bean's moon dust painting set for $80,000 auction

NASA test robot up for sale in RR Auction's Remarkable Rarities sale

Neil Armstrong's space helmet and gloves on display at the Smithsonian

Bonhams Space memorabilia sale tops $1.3 million in New York

Lunar map flown aboard Apollo 11 to sell at Bonhams

Apollo 11 landing sequence document for sale at Heritage Auctions

Apollo 15 camera lens used on the moon set for auction

Moon landing gold medal to sell in New York

Apollo and Gemini memorabilia leads Heritage space memorabilia sale

Dave Scott's lunar wristwatch sets U.S space memorabilia record

NASA upload thousands of Apollo Mission photographs online

Wristwatch worn on the Moon set for auction

Smithsonian Reboot the Suit campaign reaches $700,000

Science Museum to present major Russian Cosmonaut exhibition

Smithsonian's Apollo 11 Kickstarter campaign reaches target

Smithsonian launches Apollo 11 space suit Kickstarter project


Apollo Expeditions map signed by 15 astronauts

First Picture Taken by Man in Space

Apollo 9 medal at auction

Caviar and Espresso machine delivered to ISS