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Lot 5411: Pamela Lee Painting

Lot 5417: Apollo 12 Crew Quarters Data Card Book

Lot 5418: Apollo 13 Lunar Surface Map

Lot 5419: Gene Cernan's Apollo 17 CSM Map

Lot 5405: Minuteman Missile Post Boost Thruster Assembly

Lot 5395: Douglas Aircraft Company Earth and Solar System Prints

Lot 5397: Goodyear Super Aero-Motor Concept Booklet

Lot 5369: Space Shuttle Control Panel Base Plate

Lot 5378: Space Shuttle Omega X-33 Watch

Lot 5379: Space Shuttle Rotational Hand Controller Protective Cover

Lot 5360: STS-41G Flown Scripps Flag

Lot 5346: Yury Onufriyenko's Flown Soyuz TM-23 Gloves

Lot 5329: Gene Kranz's Skylab Console Material

Lot 5351: Early Space Shuttle Contractor Request for Proposal Document

Lot 5356: Space Shuttle Program Requirements Document by Rockwell

Lot 5359: STS-4 Earth Orbital Chart

Lot 5327: Gene Kranz's Apollo Guidance, Navigation, and Control Manual

Lot 5318: Gene Cernan Signed Photograph

Lot 5320: Gene Cernan Signed Photograph

Lot 5322: Chris Kraft Group of (15) Signed Items

Lot 5403: Aircraft/Atlas Gyro Rate Assembly

Lot 5407: Small Experimental Rocket Engine

Lot 5420: Gene Cernan's Apollo 17 Flown LM Transfer Bag

Lot 5386: Space Shuttle Track Installer Reel Assembly

Lot 5421: Apollo 17 Flown CSM Book Covers

Lot 5388: Space Shuttle Valve Panel

Lot 5393: JPL Mars Viking Orbiter Solar Array Hinge and Latch

Lot 5398: Journal of the American Rocket Society Group of (48) Reports

Lot 5415: Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 CM Training Page

Lot 5312: Dave Scott Signed Photograph