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Lot 34: King Charles I locks of hair

Lot 36: Sample of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Dress

Lot 9561: Princess Diana and Prince Charles Signed Christmas Card

Lot 9560: Princess Diana photographs

Lot 9562: Princess Diana Signed Photograph and Signing Pen

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson signed photograph

Lot 3050: Princess Diana Dress Fabric Archive

Lot 368: Princess Diana Photos

Lot 362: Prince Charles Signed Photo

Lot 371: Queen Alexandra Signed Photo

Lot 360: Prince Arthur Signed Photo

Lot 338: King George V signed document

Lot 348: King William IV and King George IV Signatures

Lot 344: King Philip III signed document

Lot 335: King Edward VIII Signed Photo

Lot 363: Prince George and Princess Marina Signed Photos

Lot 369: Princess Margaret Signed Photo

Lot 343: King Louis XVIII signed document

Lot 345: King William IV signed document

Lot 336: King Edward VIII signed document

Lot 342: King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia Signed Photo

Lot 284: Queen Victoria Signed Photo

Lot 278: Queen Elizabeth II signed document

Lot 330: King Charles VI signed document

Lot 334: King Edward VII handwritten signed letter

Lot 258: Prince Charles Christmas Card

Lot 266: Princess Diana and Prince Charles Christmas Card

Lot 272: Queen Elizabeth I signed document

Lot 255: Catherine de Medici signed letter