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Lot 757: Edward Viii: (1894-1972) King Of The United Kingdom January - December 1936. Later Duke Of Windsor. A Fine, Long A.L.S., David, (Twice; At The Conclusion And Again At One Interval In The Letter, And A Further Three Times With His Initial D At Other Intervals In The Letter), Fourteen Pages, 4To, Calgary, Banff And Other Places, 15Th - 21Th September 1919, To His Mistress Freda Dudley Ward ('Fredie Darling Darling One'). The Prince Writes His Letter, In Bold Pencil, Over A Period Of A Week Whilst Travelling By Train Across Canada During His Official Tour, Stating, In Part, 'I Really Am Down & Out To-Night Sweetheart & Feeling Like Death As I'Ve Never Taken Such A Hopelessly Miserable & Despondent View Of Life As I Do Now!! It'S Hell Beloved One & All On Account Of Having Had To Do The P Of W Stunt & Play To The Gallery Till I Can Do It No More!! This Trip Has Been A Huge Success Up To The Present, I'Ll Take A Little Credit For That As I Have Worked Hard & No Mistake; But Its Partly Fear Of Not Being Able To Keep It Up & Letting Down The Staff & Spoiling The Whole Trip Which Has Put Me In This Hopeless State Of Mind!! I Feel….That I'M Not ½ Big Enough Man To Take On What I Consider Is Just About The Biggest Job In The World!! Can'T You Picture Your Poor Little Boy….Struggling With A Long & Important Speech For Tomorrow Which He Knows He'S Going To Crash Over & So Spoil His Reputation!!€¦.Your Little Boy Is Quite Silly To Have Cracked Just Now When The Worst Stunts Are Over & He'S Going To Have A Very Easy & Perhaps Pleasant Week Before Reaching Vancouver…I Like Calgary…I Was Taken Straight To Church Where I Had To Dedicate A War Memorial; Then We Lunched At The Golf Club Tho It Was Too Maddening Not To Be Able To Play On The Fine Course & All I Got Was A Mouldy Walk!!€¦.I'Ve Just Got Away From A Very Wet & Noisy Dinner At The Ranchman'S Club, Though I Think The Title Implies Tight Men Doesn'T It Darling? They Are A Fine Crowd Of Westerners, But God They Drink….It Was Stiff Cocktails & Scotch To-Night Followed By Dirty Songs. I Guess I Was Lucky To Escape Before Midnight Having Only Been Roughly Handled By One Drunken Tho It Was Kind Roughness…' (15Th September), '€¦We Rode Off To The €Œround†Up Of Cattle Which Was An Amazing Stunt; I Rode A Nice Locally Bred Horse In A €Œstock†Saddle…We Were In Time To Help The Cowboys & Indians Round Up The Last Odd Hundreds Of Cattle & They Collected Close On 2000.€¦It Was Quite Good Fun & I Got Lots Of Hard Riding Doing My Best Imitation Of A Cowboy….It'S A Real Good Life That Ranching Darling Tho A Very Hard One & One'S Got To Be Real Tough To Take It On As A Living….I'Ve Been Listening To The Queer & Funny Experiences Of The Whole Staff Who All Had An Adventure Or Experience With One Or More Women To-Night'. (17Th September), 'Of Course I'M As Usual Terribly Sad & Lonely Sweetheart Tho Only On Top Tho That Is The Part Of Me That I Work On; The Deep Down Part Is Always Always The Same Blissfully Happy Because We Love Each Other!! I Ask For Nothing In This World Except That My Precious Darling Beloved Little Fredie Wedie Shld Love Me As I Know She Does….I Owe My Mama 2 Letters & My Father 3 Tho They Do Write Such Balls That They Are Hardly Worth Answering Tho I Suppose I Shall Have To Make An Effort Soon!!€¦.I Had A Good Game Of Golf With Godfrey This Afternoon & Was Playing Better; A Nice 9 Hole Course Tho He Beat Me 3 Up But Only Because I Messed Up The Last 3 Holes!!€¦There Are ½ Dozen Nice Canadian Girls Here Darling All Of Them Hideous But Good Dancers & Cheery & Gt Fun & Good For Any Thing I Shld Say Tho That Doesn'T Interest This Little Boy….' (18Th September), '€¦I Was On The Verge Of Tears Reading All The Marvellous Divine Things You Say To Me Sweetheart & Did Want You Want You Beloved One & Just Held Out My Arms (I Did Really!!) Tho Alas Nothing Happened & I Felt More Hopelessly Lonely Than Ever!!€¦.Oh!! Its Useless My Trying To Tell You What Your Last Letter & Everything In It Means To Your Vewy Vewy Own Devoted Adoring Little David…I Had 2 Rounds On The 9 Hole Course At Banff Yesterday Morning Tho I Was Hopeless On Account Of A Gale Of Wind & Being Worried By People Coming Up To Shake Hands Or Snap Me; & The Limit Came When A Hideous Yank Girl In Huge Spectacles Came Up To Me & Called Me €Œdear Sweet Child†To My Face Just After I Had Missed A Long Drive Shot & Was Using The Foulest Language!!€¦.But This Is A Marvellous Spot….& I Adore It Because You Do & Because You'Ve Been Here & I Figured Out Your Divine Lovely Little Face On The Glacier At The End Of The Lake. We'Ve Been Dancing….To-Night With Those Canadian Girls Who I'M Ashamed To Say We Brought Up In Our Train From Banff & We Had Them To Dinner Again…Don'T Be Thulky Fredie Darling & We Only Gave Them A Lift As They Missed The Train Having Planned To Come On Here Anyway & If Only You Could See Them You Wouldn'T Possibly Be Thulky!!€¦I Got More Than Fed Up & Bored With Those Very Plain Girls We'Ve Had More Or Less In Tow Since Calgary & Am Glad To Be Quit Of Them!!!!€¦.I Enclose A Few More Photos (No Longer Present) Angel Which May Amuse You; That Indian Rig (Complete With Feathered Head Dress) Was Given Me By The Stony Indians Yesterday When They Made Me A €Œchief†And Called Me €Œmorning Starâ€Â€¦Did Anyone Ever Feel Less Like A Star In The Morning Than Your Little Boy Darling; Such An Inappropriate Name To Give Me!!' (19Th September), '€¦You See I Tell You Every Thing As You Know Beloved One & As I Promised To; Of Course There Have Been Funny Incidents The Whole Time Particularly At The Queer Parties We Go To Tho. They Don'T Happen To Me Only To The Staff!! But These Women Out Here Are As Hot As Hell Most Of Them & One Has To Be More Than On One'S Best Behaviour And Never Release Oneself A Scrap When Dancing Or Talking To Them As They Are Merely Waiting For The Least Hint For A Flirtation & They Squeeze One'S Hand & Say The Most Amazing Things Tho All That Merely Revolts Me. They Don'T Get Any Change Out Of Your Little Boy Sweetheart….I Can'T Possibly Reach England Before 20Th Nov & My Visit To The States Is Still Very Vague…New York Is Going To Be Cut Out….I Shld Like To Have Spent A Few Hrs In N.Y. Having Heard So Much About It Merely To See The Amazing City….' (20Th September), 'We Spent A Terrible 4 Hrs….Yesterday Afternoon As After All The Balls We Were Solemnly Driven Up To The Top Of A Bl_ _D _ Mountain (1 ½ Hrs) In Cars To Unveil Some Mouldy Tablet To Commemorate My Visit!! Christ! Your Little Boy Was Peeved & Fierce Over The Whole Stunt As It Didn'T Do Any Good To Anyone & It Was A Case Of €Œgud I'M Cold†When We Might Have Had A Good Climb By Ourselves!!€¦.Bless You Sweetie Mine For This Last Divine Letter & For Mr. Thpider'S Photo On That Angellic (Sic) Seal Which I Love & Which Has Made Me So Happy & Mrs. Thpider Is Delighted Wiv It Too & Says It'S A Good Photo!! How You Do Spoil Me Fredie Darling & Its So So Sweet Of You To Have Put Mr. Thpider On Yr. Pearl Necklace….Everything You'Ve Given Me Is Sacred Sweetheart, Yr. Photos & Sponges….And We Use The Same Scent, Soap & Tooth Paste Etc. So That I'M Only Thinking Of You Darling One Even When I'M Cleaning My Teeth!!€¦.I Feel More & More Strongly That Its Absolutely Legitimate To Lie & That We Are More Than Within Our Rights To Do So When It Concerns Our Own Private Affairs Angel. There Can'T Possibly Be A 3Rd Party, If There Is We Are Done So That We Mustn'T Think Twice About Lying All We Can!€¦.I Don'T Trust A Sould Except You Beloved One As I Know That No One Really Trusts Me Except You!! And I Don'T Ask Or Want Anybody To Either, Its Only You That Matters At All & I'M Never Going To Let Any Body Else Matter Anything To Me!!€¦Of Course All The Photos I Enclose (No Longer Present) Are Unpublished As Yet & I'Ve Sent No Other Copies To England Not Even To My Mama So That They Really Are The Very Latest Plates Featuring The P Of W!!€¦.Hope You Like The €Œautographed Maple Leaf†That Is Typically Canadian Plus The Ink The Sort Of Thing I'M Being Asked For 100 Times A Day, Sometimes I'M Given The Bark Of These To Sign My Name On!!€¦.You Scold Me For Saying €Œdon'T Be Thulky†Sweetheart Tho Don'T You Think I Want You To Be Thulky When I Mention Any Other Women? Of Course I Do Beloved One & Want You To Be Vewy Vewy Thulky & Jealous, Nothing Makes Me As Happy As That Tho Its Never Necessary As There'S No Other Woman & Can'T Be!! !! You Know I Love You Love You More Madly & Desperately Every Day Fredie Darling Darling & How Could I Possibly Look At, Let Alone Think Of Anyone Else In The Whole World?!! Your Lovely Divine Sweet Precious Little Madonna Face Is Always & Ever In My Sight….Bless You Again & Again & For Ever & Ever For….The Divine Seal Which Is On My Watch Chain & Which Has Made Mrs. Thpider So So Happy Too!! Au Revoir Fredie Mine, Beloved One, You Know Your Vewy Vewy Own Devoted & Adoring Little David Is All All Yours As Well As Everything & Anything Else He Can Send!!' Accompanied By The Original Envelope Hand Addressed In Ink By The Prince And Bearing A Black Wax Seal To The Verso. A Remarkable Letter Of Wonderful Content. Vg Freda Dudley Ward (1894-1983) Marquesa De Casa Maury. English Socialite, The Mistress Of Edward, Prince Of Wales From 1918-23. Ward Remained A Close Confidante Of Edward'S Until 1934 When His Relationship With Wallis Simpson Began. International Autograph Auctions' Autograph Auction July 2015 Saturday, 18th July 2015 Estimate: £1000 - 1200
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