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The Beatles Bed Linen

  • A collection of four pieces of bed linen, each slept on by a member of the Beatles in September 1964 

The Beatles and their music need no introduction. As a result of their all-encompassing impact on popular music and culture, memorabilia from the band remains some of the most collectable and valuable on the market. 

A set of four pieces of white bed linen (approx 1/2cm x 1/2cm) each slept on by one of The Beatles.

The linen was kept from a visit made by the Beatles during there inaugural tour of the USA, to the Whittier Hotel in Detroit.

As recorded by the hotel's Managing Director at the time, Jimmie Hawkins, The Beatles occupied the Executive Suite No. 1566 on September 6, 1964 before playing two shows at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit.

The Fab Four checked in at 1:17am and checked out the following afternoon at 2:05pm.

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