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Printed in colour impressive World War II victory proclamation broadside document on a 10.5x21.5 in. leaf of heavy-stock presentation paper, dated 8th May, 1945.

The document is announcing the Allied Victory over Europe and setting aside 13th May, 1945 as a Day of Prayer.

In particularly eloquent language worthy of this momentous occasion, the document reads in part: "The Allied Armies, through sacrifice and devotion and with God's help have wrung from Germany a Final andnconditional Surrender. The Western world has been freed of the evil forces which for five years and longer have imprisoned the bodies and broken their lives of millions upon millions of free-born men. They have violated their churches, destroyed their homes, corrupted their children, and murdered their loved ones. Our Armies of Liberation have restored to these suffering peoples, whose spirit and will the oppressors could never enslave (...)"

Signed boldly at the lower right 'Harry S. Truman'.

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