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Samoa 1921 "Huts" set of 4 to 5d, SG151, 4, 159/60

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Samoa 1921 "Native Hut" Perforations 14x14½ 1½d chestnut and perforations 14x13½ 1d lake, 4d violet, 5d light blue, in matching lower marginal blocks of 4, each preserving the full "Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ld. Engravers London" imprint, SG151, 4, 159/60.

A fine unmounted mint set of positional blocks with full original gum. The 1d apparently from the late printing on "Esparto" paper. Some folded perforations and the 1½d and 5d blocks with lightly toned gum as often seen, but most attractive.

A scarce set in this form and condition.

Total sales of the 4d and 5d values were equivalent to only 376 and 336 sheets respectively.

The Native Huts set of stamps were issued on December 23, 1921, a year after New Zealand and the United Kingdom received a Class C mandate to administer the former German Samoa as part of their territory. Befitting the support of the new administration, the stamp issue features a British flag and a Samoan hut.

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