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Ottoman Turkey Osman III gold Three-Funduq issued in 1754

SKU JC1167

Country: Turkey King (reign): Osman III, 1754 – 1757

Denomination/metal: Gold Funduq, Three

Date/mint mark: 1754 (1169h)

Type Acession issue

Ref. no: Pere 590; KM 279.

Obv. Tughra in ornamental border Rev. Mint mark 'JIM' with mint name 'ISLAMBOL' and emperor’s name and date – all within an ornamental border38mm, 9.5g.

AEF - Almost Extremely Fine.These large coins were issued in fairly small numbers to mark the accession of Osman III. They are thus rare, but as they were almost all used to make jewellery because of their attractively large size, it is doubly rare to find one unmounted or pierced such as this ! Osman III's brief reign saw rising intolerance of non-Muslims (Christians and Jews being required to wear distinctive clothes or badges) and is also notable for a fire in Constantinople. He lived most of his life as a prisoner in the palace, and as a consequence on becoming Sultan

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