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Margaret Thatcher signed book

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"Not Without my Daughter" signed by Betty Mahmoody with inscription and autograph of Margaret Thatcher

For Sale: £1,500

Serving three consecutive terms in office, 1979-1990, Margaret Thatcher (1925-) was the UK's first female prime minister. She received the nickname "Iron Lady" for her forceful political rhetoric.

Betty Mahmoody was an American trapped in Tehran, imprisoned by her husband. Betty finally escaped, with her daughter Mahtob, across the mountain range bordering Iran and Turkey, a crossing that few women or children had ever made.

Betty's story was published as "Not Without my Daughter", a true story written by Betty and William Hoffer, the co-author of Midnight Express. The book was later turned into a film in 1991, starring Sally Field.

On April 2nd 2000 Margaret Thatcher and Betty Mahmoody were both at the Ohio Theater in Columbus, Ohio. Thatcher was there for a lecture tour, Mahmoody had been to the theater earlier to drop off a copy of her book as a gift for Mrs Thatcher.

On an inside page Mahtob Mahmoody has written:

"Dear Lady Thatcher, I have been amazed by you since I was a small child. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have the opportunity to meet you. It is truly an honour! Best wishes Mahtob Mahmoody"

Betty Mahmoody has also added her signature below.

The book was intended as a gift to Mrs Thatcher but was incorrectly placed in a pile of items for Mrs Thatcher to sign. Mrs Thatcher has in turn signed the inside title page:

"To Betty Mahmoody, a wonderful and courageous lady, With admiration, Margaret Thatcher".

A letter of provenance (see image 4) from the vendor explains, in part:

"I was in charge of giving everything that Lady Thatcher was to sign to Scotland Yard officers... Betty Mahmoody and her daughter had signed the book...intended it to be a gift for Lady Thatcher...Lady Thatcher instead signed the book and put it back in a pile to go downstairs"

A lovely set of signatures and a great story.

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