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England 1422-1461 Henry VI. Gold Noble.


England 1422-1461 Henry VI.

Gold Noble.

Annulet Issue, Tower Mint.

Ref No: Schneider 280; N 1414; S 1799.

Obv. King in antique ship holding shield of Royal Arms and sword, annulet by hand, 'HENRIC DI GRAC REX ANGL Z FRANC DNS HYB'.

Rev. Cross 'fleurdelise' with crowned leopards in angles, 'h' in centre, all within tressure of eight arches, lis in outer angles annulets in legend of rev., 'IhC AVT TRANSIENS PER MEDIVM ILLORV' IBAT' (But Jesus, passing through the midst of them, went on his way). 34mm, 6.95g. GVF- Good very fine, well and sharply struck.

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