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David Scott Autographed Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

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  • A copy of the 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed by Apollo astronaut Dave Scott 

David Randolf Scott (1932-) was commander of the Apollo 15 mission, seventh person to walk on the Moon and first person to drive on the Moon. He also holds the title of the last American to fly solo in earth orbit.

This 11" x 7½" printed page features Scott's sweeping diagonal signature on the bottom left corner. The sheet is printed with the details of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 1963, which was an important step in global diplomatic efforts to end the armaments race between nations.

The treaty prohibited nuclear detonation tests in the atmosphere and underwater in an attempt to preserve the environment, though did allow for testing in underground facilities so long as debris stayed within the boundaries of the nation that was conducting the tests.

The document is in very good condition, with only one tear to a corner, which does not interfere with the autograph or text.

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