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Albert Einstein handwritten ‘General Relativity’ mathematical manuscript

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Original unsigned mathematical manuscript written by the German-born physicist, humanitarian and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

The unsigned and undated manuscript features nine lines of intricate equations in Einstein's crisp handwriting.

Between the seventh and eighth lines, Einstein has written in German, "in Special system."

These equations are thought to relate to his 'metric tensor,' which expresses space time curvature in the Einstein field equations for gravitation in the theory of general relativity.

Manuscript measures 6.8” by 8.5”, on an off-white sheet of Hamburg-Amerika Line headed stationary.

The manuscript is dated circa 1930 – 1932, and was evidently written during one of Einstein's sea voyages aboard the Hamburg-Amerika Line.

During this period he travelled regularly from Europe to New York to work as a research fellow at the California Institute of Technology.

But in the early 1930s Einstein realised he was under threat from Hitler's Nazis, as both a Jew and a leading intellectual.

In 1932 he made his final voyage across the Atlantic and settled in America, never to return to Europe.

The manuscript is in fine condition, with a horizontal fold through one line of formula, and a small tear to lower right corner.

A highly rare and desirable manuscript, featuring Einstein's own equations relating to his theory of general relativity. 

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