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Lot 184: Three Sheet Movie Lithograph Poster for the Infamous 1914 Never-Seen Fi...

Lot 181: ''The Poster'' That Defined a Decade - From the Personal Collection of...

Lot 49: Andy Warhol Poster for His ''Exploding Plastic Inevitable'' Show in 1966...

Lot 50: Andy Warhol Signed Poster of His Famous Elizabeth Taylor Masterpiece

Lot 51: Andy Warhol Signed 50'' x 35'' Poster, With Hand-Drawn River, From His '...

Lot 24: The Most Famous American Artwork, the Original ''I Want You'' World War...

Lot 15: Collection of posters for Beat related literary events, some signed

Lot 16: Large collection of fliers for Beat related readings - some signed

Lot 1: Five promotional posters, 2 signed by Robert Adams

Lot 309: Printed broadside reward for runaway slaves

Lot 775: Roger Moore

Lot 685: Woodstock

Lot 554: Ramones Hippodrome Poster

Lot 558: Ramones Signed Brandeis University Poster

Lot 553: Ramones Glasgow 1981 Signed Poster

Lot 563: Ramones Valencia California Signed Mini Poster

Lot 541: Ramones and Talking Heads 1977 Mini Poster

Lot 540: Ramones and Talking Heads Posters

Lot 552: Ramones Fillmore Signed Poster

Lot 548: Ramones Bucknell University 1985 Signed Poster

Lot 551: Ramones Dusseldorf Signed Poster

Lot 543: Ramones Australia and New Zealand 1989 Signed Poster

Lot 546: Ramones Berlin 1991 Signed Poster

Lot 544: Ramones Australian 1991 Signed Poster

Lot 556: Ramones Poster

Lot 539: Ramones 1977 Netherlands Poster

Lot 555: Ramones Odeon Theatre Promo

Lot 405: Kenneth Patchen Glade Gallery art poster 1965

Lot 539: Erte

Lot 541: David Hockney