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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2019-11-26 10:24:02

Our online auction closed on Thursday evening last week.

Bids received totalled £344,450.

After an auction, there is an option to make offers on unsold lots. This provides a short window of opportunity to secure some fine rarities at bargain prices.

I know that some of our clients feel more comfortable buying at fixed prices based on our recommendations rather than tackling the complexities and risks of bidding at auction.

Having said that, our auction contained only investment grade stamps removing the most common risk at auctions where quality controls and accuracy of descriptions can be less stringent.

I have been through the unsold lots and have selected 9 high quality lots for you, together with my recommended fixed price.

They include stamps with a range of prices from £350 to £20,000.

In total, they provide the potential to acquire some key rarities at an average 55% discount to our retail selling price. 

As such, I believe these will prove sound investments based on their rarity and quality and at a good price.

Please note, the fact these lots did not sell at the auction does not mean they are any less desirable. That is the way with auctions…

An auction is a fixed event. Things can go unsold because the right buyer didn’t know about the sale, was on holiday or simply too busy at the time.

Another thing…

This is one of the main ways a dealer makes their margin. Buying high quality stamps which go unsold at an auction off-market is a key buying tactic.

Today, I am offering you the chance to “beat the dealers” at their own game!


Lot 63: Beautiful piece of postal history

Aden 1937 (1 APR) registered 'J. Stephen' cover, SG10/12, from ADEN CAMP to Isle of Man, bearing Dhow 2r, 5r, 10r, tied with individual very fine strikes of circular date stamps on first day of issue, with blue/white registration label at lower left.


 FIXED PRICE: £550 (35% discount)

  • Aden - the former capital of the People’s Republic of South Yemen - was only a British Colony from 1937 to 1963
  • Aden’s first stamp issue the “Dhows” has since become a classic and very popular British Empire stamp design
  • Important piece of postal history being posted on the very first day Aden became a British Crown Colony
  • A most attractive combination registered cover in very fine condition

Lot 64: Very rare stamp from hot area of the stamp market

Batum British Occupation 1920 (12 Jan) 50r on 5k brown-lilac postage stamp, SG26, type 4 surcharge


FIXED PRICE: £375 (37% discount)

  • This is one of the key rarities of the city of Batum (in modern day Georgia) with only 300 issued
  • A fine used example with part circular date stamp of this very rare stamp, even scarcer in used condition
  • Comes with a 2004 certificate of authenticity from the British Philatelic Association (BPA)
  • Was very surprised this did not sell in auction as previous similar stamps we have offered from Batum have all sold quickly in recent months
  • Catalogue prices of stamps from this area of the world have been rising over the past few years

Lot 66: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

British Guiana 1850-51 12c black and indigo "Cotton Reel", type 'C' with thin frame, SG6. Indistinct MS initials, cut square with clear margins except frameline barely touched by "GU" of "GUIANA", neatly cancelled by large part "BERBICE" circular date stamp dated "DEC 6 1851"


 FIXED PRICE: £17,500 (61% discount)

  • One of the great stamp rarities of the British Commonwealth from British Guiana, famous for holding the record for the world’s most valuable stamp – “the 1c Magenta”
  • The renowned “Cotton Reel” stamps are named for their resemblance to the base of a cotton reel
  • Whilst not providing obvious attractiveness, it is a thing of primitive charm and deep intrinsic beauty to the specialised collector
  • This example is much above average condition for this classic rarity
  • A steal at this price with great opportunity to turn a nice profit in the future as potentially worth far more to the right collector
  • In 2017, a British Guiana 2c rose stamp from the 1850-51 “Cotton Reel” issue appeared at auction and sold for £180,000
  • Accompanied with a clear Friedl certificate of authenticity (1979)

Lot 70: A rare error from the early Chinese Empire

China 1897 (Mar) large figure surcharge, spaced 2½mm on Dowager Empress (2nd printing) ½c on 3ca yellow, upper marginal vertical pair, error imperforate horizontal, Unused, SG57a


FIXED PRICE: £1,650 (40% discount)

  • A rare early Chinese Empire Dowager Empress imperforate stamp error with large figure surcharge
  • Particularly rare as an upper marginal vertical imperforate pair
  • Despite minor condition issues with a thin patch on the upper stamp, this is a very difficult error to find in good condition and this a good representative example
  • The stamp further benefits from having most of the original gum intact

Lot 83: One of philately’s finest pieces of postal history at an exceptionally low price

Very fine used four margin example of the "Penny Black" postage stamp, neatly tied to entire contrary to regulations at the left hand side of the letter by a brownish red Maltese Cross


FIXED PRICE: £10,000 (43% discount)

  • An important piece of early British postal history posted on just the second day of official use of the world’s first postage stamp – the Penny Black
  • The cover is made even more special by virtue of the historical context of its contents. The containing letter details the transport of new troops to Bombay for the East India Company, presumably as reinforcements for the troops that were stationed at Cabul following the first stage of the 1st Afghan war
  • The quality is quite exceptional and such early May date covers are rarely seen so fine
  • As if all this wasn’t enough, the cover is made even rarer because the postage stamp was incorrectly affixed to the left of the envelope contrary to postal regulations making this one of the rarest, most interesting and finest pieces of early British postal history you could ever hope to own
  • Listed in the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Queen Victoria specialised catalogue last published in 2011 at a price of £20,000
  • Accompanied with a British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate of authenticity

Lot 105: A very scarce multiple of the 1858 2d blue of divine quality

Great Britain, SG45, 1858 2d blue postage stamp plate 7, block of four lettered EA-FB, showing re-entry on FB


FIXED PRICE: £6,500 (41% discount)

  • Major changes to British line engraved stamps in 1858 resulted in these stamps being the first to have check letters in all four corners
  • A wonderful rarity as a block of four of this rare stamp
  • An exhibition quality showpiece being well centred, unmounted mint with full original gum and fresh colour
  • This example from printing plate 7 is actually rarer as a multiple than plate 12, despite plate 12 being catalogued at the higher price of £13,500
  • Extremely scarce multiple, particularly with the re-entry constant plate variety on the “FB” stamp showing subtle doubling of the design

Lot 117: The Queen’s Stamp

Great Britain 1870 ½d rose red, plate 11. Very fine unused four margin imperforate imprimatur lettered SR, SG48


FIXED PRICE: £950 (37% discount)

  • This is one of the most distinctive Queen Victorian stamp issues and is very popular amongst British stamp collectors
  • This wonderful example is from the very first approved printed sheet making it the equivalent to a “first edition”
  • As an uncirculated example, the stamp is in pristine condition with large margins
  • The stamp comes with the highest possible provenance, previously contained within the Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • Accompanied with a 2008 Royal Philatelic Society (RPS) certificate of authenticity

Lot 189: Only two known of this major British Modern Stamp Error

Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II 1970 5d Literary Anniversaries, SG824ac. A superb unmounted original gum block of four with silver (inscriptions) omitted and a dry print of greenish blue on the Oliver Twist stamp. 


FIXED PRICE: £20,000 (60% discount)

  • Commemorative stamp issue from 1970 on the 100th anniversary of the death of Charles Dickens on 9 June 1870
  • A once in a generation opportunity to buy a famous modern British stamp error
  • There are only two recorded examples of this great rarity of Queen Elizabeth II philately making it one of the rarest modern stamp errors
  • Superb quality block of four unmounted mint with full original gum
  • The last time this major rarity sold it went for £45,000
  • Exceptional long term investment potential in a tangible asset at the fixed price of £20,000

Lot 199: Don’t call me a ‘PREAK’

Malaya - Perak 1887-89 1c on 2c pale rose postage stamp, SG35a, type 32 surcharge, error 'PREAK', from setting III, R6/1. 


FIXED PRICE: £550 (39% discount)

  • Perak is a state of Malaysia on the west coast of the Malay peninsula which was targeted by the British Empire for having the richest tin deposits in the world
  • A fantastic visual stamp error with the surcharge “PREAK” instead of “PERAK”
  • A fine quality mint example with most of the original gum and very difficult to find in this quality
  • A scarce error and benefiting further from being a left hand marginal example
  • A very desirable positional example in this currently strong area of the stamp market

The whole deal at a glance

The table below provides you a summary of the potential deal on all 9 unsold lots…

You could potentially own all these major stamp rarities for an outlay of £58,075.

These stamps have a total value of £130,100, based on our assessment of retail selling prices.

That’s a total discount of 55%.

It’s one of those opportunities that’s hard to refuse.

If you are interested in securing the whole deal on offer here, you really need to get in touch with me quickly so that I can reserve it for you.

Please contact me straight away at

How to place your order

If on the other hand there are only certain lots you are interested in buying that’s ok…

Provided someone doesn’t come in first to snap up the whole deal.

I will operate on a first come, first served basis – no favouritism allowed.

Just let me know which lots you are interested in as soon as you can and I will approach the vendors to confirm whether they will accept the fixed price offers I recommend.

Please reply to this blog today with details of the lots you want to purchase or give us a call on +44(0)1534 639998.

This is a great chance to profit where others missed out by not being on the ball and bidding in our auction.

Kind regards

Mike Hall

CEO Just Collecting

PS. If you are searching for any other specific rare stamps in particular, let us know. Our job is to help you find what you are looking for and to do our best to get them for you at a fair price.

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