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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2019-01-18 09:58:11

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society with the Royal Mail Stamp Classics Collection

There are two major market events coming, which could create some upward momentum in the GB rare stamp market: 

  • This year the Royal Philatelic Society in London celebrates its 150thAnniversary 
  • Next year the most important event in philately (the International Stamp Exhibition) comes to London 

Both of these events will bring British philately to the attention of a worldwide audience and could prove major positive market catalysts. 

The 150th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society

The Royal Philatelic Society was founded on April 10th, 1869.

It is the oldest philatelic society in the world, devoted to collecting and the study of rare stamps.

Permission to use the term “Royal” was first granted by King Edward VII in November 1906. His son, King George V went on to become the most famous collector in history - leading to stamp collecting being referred to as:

“The King of Hobbies and the Hobby of Kings”

The Royal Philatelic Collection is now the personal property of our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. It is reported to be the Queen’s most valuable personal asset and the most valuable collection of stamps in existence.

Any doubts about the underlying strength and support for stamp collecting are quelled by the fact the Royal Philatelic Society has more members today than ever before.

The Society now boasts 2,200 members from 80 different countries.

Indeed, they are moving to new and bigger premises in the heart of the city of London in June to serve its needs for generations to come.

This year marks their sesquicentenary with several high profile events scheduled. Their heightened profile and PR activities this year will bring British stamps to the forefront of collectors’ minds on a global scale.

For example, at the Spring “Stampex” at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London next month they are exhibiting “H.M. King George V Our First Patron”. This includes 62 exhibits of stamps and postal history from 1910 to 1936.

They are also publishing a book “Royal Philatelic Society London Members’ Collections 2019”, which will provide a permanent and representative record of how and what members collect in 2019. This should be really interesting. I will certainly be picking up a copy!

Most importantly, they are exhibiting internationally in Washington, Gibraltar, Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong – showcasing British stamps across the world.

The Royal Philatelic Society are truly great ambassadors of our hobby and we are privileged in Britain to have such a society serving the long term interests of our great hobby.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary, a first day cover featuring the Royal Mail “Stamp Classics” collection was issued yesterday priced at £18.50:

The cover features one stamp from each reign. Whilst it is a well-designed and nice looking commemorative cover, I prefer the “real deal”…

Actual rare classic stamps from Great Britain.

The Royal Mail Stamp Classics Collection

I have selected six of the most famous stamps ever issued by Great Britain and therefore always in high demand from collectors worldwide.

Not only that, each classic I have picked for you is just that little bit “extra special”. Each of my selections has an added “X FACTOR” making them even more desirable.

Allow me to present the Stamp Man’s Royal Mail “Stamp Classics Collection”:

1. An Illegal Penny Black Cover

My first classic is a very interesting stamp cover featuring the most famous stamp of them all, the penny black. 

This letter was posted with the penny black affixed to the bottom left of the envelope. Royal Mail regulations at that time required the stamp to be affixed to the top right of the stamp. Even today it remains customary to stick the stamp in this position.

This is a fascinating piece of postal history featuring the world’s first postage stamp and is surprisingly affordable to many at less than £1,000.

1840 Penny Black (GB) Plate 3 SUPERB four margin Tiny Envelope Contrary to Regulations. Posted on Monday the 31st of August 1840 in Liverpool to Regent's Park, London. Penny Black Plate 3 placed on the bottom left of the envelope, whereas regulations stated the stamp must be on the top right corner. 

This envelope was written by Edwin Atherstone to his daughter, Mary Elizabeth, who went on to publish and edit a distinguished book named "The Dramatic works of Edwin Atherstone". Edwin Atherstone was a poet but also supported his family by dealing in art. He was born in Nottingham in 1788 and was one of 15 children. He is described by his daughter as a man of most honourable noble mind and heart. Atherstone was friend to the great John Martin who has been referred to as the most popular painter of his day. Martin supplied art for Atherstone’s poetry, such as “The Fall of Nineveh”, which is now part of the British Museum's collection, and the famous poem "A Midsummer Day’s Dream". Atherstone was in the same literary circle as the likes of Charles Dickens, John Hunt and William Godwin (the father of Mary Shelley). Thus their work was part of the Romantic Movement which marked an era of change for England. A stunning piece of philatelic history.

A stunning piece of philatelic history.

Price: £995 ($1,309)


2. A rare shade of the famous “tupenny blue” 

My second classic is, fittingly, Britain’s second postage stamp, the “tupenny blue”. It is much rarer than the penny black. I have always found it particularly difficult to find high quality examples of the tupenny blue. As such, I consider it under-valued by the market. 

The example I have for you is a rare shade from the first printing plate. It is also beautifully cancelled and an absolute stunner.1840 2d Pale blue Plate 1, SG6.

Exceptionally fine used large four margin example lettered GL, beautifully cancelled by a perfectly struck crisp black Maltese Cross. Most attractive.

Price: £1,100 ($1,448)


3. Britain’s most successful stamp issue of all time 

No classics collection of British stamps could be complete without this masterpiece of design and printing quality.

The famous “seahorse” stamp issues were in circulation longer than any other British high value stamp – for 26 years from 1913 to 1939.

It is considered the stamp which truly defines King George V’s monarchy in one simple picture.

This early used example from 1913 is well centred and has a perfect “Guernsey” thimble circular date stamp, making it most attractive.

King George V 1913 £1 Green, SG403. 

Very fine used well centred example, neatly cancelled by a light 1913 Guernsey thimble circular date stamp. 

Most attractive and scarce in such fine condition.

Price: £1,400 ($1,843)


4. The stamp that cost a week’s wages 

When this stamp was issued in 1929, the price of £1 was the equivalent to an average worker’s weekly wage.

It is the only stamp design approved by Queen Mary because King George V was unavailable at the time due to poor health. It went on to become one of the most adored stamps of British philately.

I’ve sold a few full original gum mint examples of the famous PUC £1 in the past. It is always a rare treat when found in perfect condition. However, what I have for you today is in some ways much more special…

It is an extremely rare cover featuring a PUC £1 posted to Paris on May 31st, 1929. Stamp covers posted in the month of issue are much more desirable and difficult to find and this is a lovely quality and important philatelic cover.

1929 P.U.C. £1 black, SG438. 

Very attractive and scarce used on cover example to Paris on May 31st 1929. Used within the month of issue, thus desirable.      

Price: £1,550 ($2,040)


5. Quality remains long after the price is forgotten 

Despite the relatively short reign of King Edward VII (1902 – 1910), stamps from his era are a very popularly collected area of GB philately.

The £1 definitive stamp produced by the famous printers, De La Rue, is argued by some as being the most attractive issue of King Edward VII’s reign.

This stamp is a real classic and the one I have selected for the collection is in absolute perfect condition.

King Edward VII 1902 £1 Dull blue green, SG266.

Very fine perfectly centred unmounted mint with full original gum example printed by De La Rue. GB Specialised Catalogue Number: M55(1). 

Price: £3,500 ($4,607)


6. The Holy Grail 

And finally, the daddy of them all…

The 1882 £5 Orange is often referred to by collectors as the “holy grail of British stamps”. It is the highest value pre-decimal stamp ever issued, equivalent to a month’s wages at the time of issue. It was near impossible for the general public to get their hands on one.

The example I have available is flawless in every respect and should probably command a significant premium price to the SG catalogue value of £14,500.

1882 £5 Orange (Plate 1) On White Paper, SG137. A superb, well centred unmounted mint example with lovely vibrant colour, lettered “AC”.

Exceptional quality rare example with full original gum. 

Most attractive example of one of the most iconic and desired stamps in GB philately, rarely seen in such pristine condition. 

Sold with the prestigious and world respected Diena certificate of authenticity.

Price: £14,500 (£19,088)


The London 2020 International Stamp Exhibition

Another important market catalyst we have to look forward to is the London 2020 International Stamp Exhibition, which takes place in May next year.

There is an evident historic correlation between rising prices of rare GB stamps and the timing of the International Stamp Exhibition being held in London.

History shows that interest and prices of the rarest GB stamps “spike” when a major stamp exhibition takes place in London. This happened last time the exhibition came to London, in 2010.

This is because specialist collectors compete to build the best collection in the world within their chosen specialist area of study to win coveted awards at the exhibition. It is the equivalent to the Olympics of stamps!

With these two major market catalysts coming into play, now may be an opportune time to buy in to GB stamps. There will inevitably be a spike of interest in GB stamps until at least May 2020. Whether prices rise accordingly we will need to wait and see…

How to buy the Royal Mail Stamp Classics Collection

This unique collection of Britain’s finest stamp classics I present to you today is one I could never hope to replicate.

I believe it is a fitting collection to mark the occasion of the Royal Philatelic Society’s 150th anniversary.

The collection would make a valuable and attractive family heirloom.

You can secure the collection today for the price of £23,045 ($30,336). For that price, you will own six of the finest quality stamp classics from Great Britain. You alone will own the collection. No one else ever can, whilst you do.

To purchase the whole collection from me today you can email

Alternatively, you can call us on +44(0)1534 639998.

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards

Mike Hall

CEO, Just Collecting

PS. A collection of this calibre in British classics rarely comes available all at once. Don’t miss your chance.

 Come and join us on JustCollecting – the community for collectors

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