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2019-07-23 20:23:59

These are my favourite things – the best of recent additions to our website

My blog today contains a hidden deliberate typo…

I hope I don’t make an undeliberate typo, otherwise this won’t work!
One clue – it is not a grammatical error.
If you can find it, I will give you £50 additional discount on any stamp you purchase featured in today’s email.
You’ll want to use it too because today I feature my favourite stamps from recent additions to our website.
These are my 
top 5 recommendations
I would be both surprised and baffled if they don’t sell quickly.
 I promote these stamps to you with my personal seal of approval because:

  1. I am able to offer them at a price which represents excellent value

  2. They are philatelic items I rarely see and, in some cases, I have never handled before, which always excites me

  3. Their quality is in all cases most attractive and worthy of a premium price compared to those of a standard quality

  4. They are all in liquid areas of the stamp market where there are a healthy number of participating high net worth collectors just now

  5. Because of these combined qualities, I believe they provide strong investment pedigree

The annoying thing for me is that we always sell our best items too quickly.
I get little time to enjoy their company before they leave me.
Obviously, I could simply choose not to tell you about them.
It’s tempting…
But my business is, at the end of the day, dependent on selling stamps, so I can’t really complain when I sell them!
So, here you go, my favourite things revealed. Enjoy…

1. A rare set of Canadian Wartime stamps

Canada 1942-48 War Effort set of 14 to $1 in IMPERFORATE pairs, SG375/88

Canada 1942-48 War Effort set of 14 to $1 in IMPERFORATE pairs, SG375/88

PRICE: £6,250 (19% DISCOUNT)Click here to buy now

Canada is a country famous for issuing stamps with intricate and ornate designs. It is certainly in my top 10 favourite stamp issuing countries (maybe a topic for another email!)
The design of the War Effort set of stamps issued during World War II deviated from the norm and received some criticism at the time.
As you can see, the designs are fairly simple, and maybe a bit on the bland side.
This was actually intentional…
They were issued like this to make a statement to Canadian citizens…
“In time of war, all extra resources should be directed to the war effort.”
With such historical importance these stamps now have a special place in the hearts of Canadian stamp collectors.
What I have here though is even more special. Let me explain…
This isn’t just any old set of Canadian War Effort stamps. These stamps were subject to a printing blunder…
They were printed missing their perforations.
This is a complete set of 14 imperforate pairs of this famous Canadian stamp issue in mint condition with original gum.
That makes them much rarer. In fact, only 150 pairs existed of the 5c, 100c, 1c to 4c and 8c, with only 50 pairs of the 13c to $1. There are far fewer around today as many have been lost over time.
The icing on the cake is the price…
This historical set of Canadian rarities is available to you today for the price of £6,250. The Stanley Gibbons catalogue price for this set is £7,700.
That’s a saving of £1,500 or £1,550 if you can find the typo!


2. The most spectacular error of colours

Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II 1966 4d British birds (ordinary paper), SG696aj

Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II 1966 4d British birds (ordinary paper), SG696aj

PRICE: £550 Click here to buy now

The British Birds 4d 1966 stamps were the first British stamps printed in 8 different colours.
And boy… did they make a mess of it!
The issue became the most spectacular in terms of colour errors occurring. The Stanley Gibbons catalogue lists 13 different errors of colour to collect.
The example I have is visually stunning with the red-brown colour omitted affecting the legs of the robin, the blackbird and the red brown “1H” cylinder.
The quality is perfect being unmounted mint with full original gum. Furthermore, this is a left hand corner marginal cylinder block of eight. The erroneous block of eight is offered with the normal block for comparison.
It is a very attractive rare positional piece. There are only 180 mint blocks of 4 recorded in existence.
The price is attractive being much cheaper than all the other errors of colour in existence. The most valuable error of colour has a catalogue price of £20,000.
Furthermore, the price of £550 for this block of eight looks particularly appealing against the current Stanley Gibbons catalogue price of £125 for a single error.

3. The Penny Black of China


China 1885

China 1885 'CANDARINS' rough perforations 12½ set of 3 to 5ca olive-yellow, SG10/12

PRICE: £600 (24% DISCOUNT) Click here to buy now

This set won’t be around long so you will need to act fast if you want to own it.
In 1865 the Municipality of Shanghai issued the first Chinese postage stamps.
The first stamps for the entire Chinese Empire were not issued until 1878 and depicted the iconic “Large Dragons” design.
These became recognised as the first Chinese stamps and are therefore naturally attractive to a large number of specialist collectors. Some collectors focus their entire collection dedicated to just this stamp issue.
They are, however, notoriously difficult to find in a decent condition because of the damaging nature of the climate in China on such fragile pieces of paper.
This lovely set of three “Large Dragons” is in a high quality condition rarely seen for this stamp issue. They still retain a large part of the original gum which is most difficult to find for this issue.
There is some odd minor trivial toning, which is to be expected, and does not detract from the excellent freshness of the colours.
With the booming Chinese economy in recent history it is no surprise they have proved a strong investment.
The value of this set of stamps has increased from £260 to £785 in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue over the past 10 years. That’s growth of 202%.
The Chinese bull market has a long way to run yet, in my opinion. At the price of £600 (24% discount), the price is attractive too.

4. Exquisite Quality George Washington Rarity

USA 1909 3c Deep violet (Experimental printing on bluish

USA 1909 3c Deep violet (Experimental printing on bluish "rag" paper), SG366

PRICE: £2,500 (17% DISCOUNT) Click here to buy now

The US is a nation of collectors. In fact, the US spawned the largest collectibles business in the world…
That business is eBay. Not even considered a collectibles business yet it reports $6 billion sales per annum within its ‘collectibles’ category (almost $300 million of which are stamps).
Needless to say, the US boasts the most liquid stamp market in the world.
This rare George Washington stamp printed in 1909 comes from a scarce experimental printing.
Approximately only 4,000 were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
So, it is a rare US stamp. But…what’s most important about this stamp is its quality.
It is well centred, in fresh mint condition and with original gum. The centring is very important. The US market pays much higher premiums for well centred stamps than anywhere else in the world.
The stamp comes with a photocopy of a 1964 Philatelic Foundation (PF) Certificate of Authenticity, the recognised expert authenticators of US stamps.
Finally, it is available for you today at the discounted price of £2,500 against a Stanley Gibbons catalogue price of £3,000.
I also note the largest stamp dealer in the US is currently offering a similar example for sale on their website for a price of $3,000. However, their stamp is not as well centred.

5. An Exhibition Piece of early British Postal History

Great Britain 1840 1d, Plate 1b, June 11th 1840, SG2

Great Britain 1840 1d, Plate 1b, June 11th 1840, SG2

PRICE: £14,000 Click here to buy now

This rare piece of postal history is worthy of an email all to itself.
It rightfully belongs in an award winning GB collection. It is one of those “star pieces”.
During its lifetime, the penny black was printed with 11 different printing plates (12 if you include plate 1a and plate 1b separately).
The first printing plate was put to press without previous hardening. Bear in mind, printing stamps was a brand new concept at the time.
Because of this, it wore very quickly resulting in grey impressions seen in later printings of plate 1a penny blacks. Also, the extreme wear resulted in the engraved lines of the Queen’s head becoming very faint.
This necessitated the restoration of every one of the 240 units of the plate by re-entry. This repaired plate became known as “plate 1b”.
Now here comes the interesting part…
The earliest known official postal use is 12 June 1840.
This piece is the earliest recorded date of use for the plate 1b penny black dated 11 June 1840, one day earlier than the official date.
This is evidenced with the “P/JU-11/1840” London Chief Office Evening Duty circular date stamp.
As such, this is a very important historical piece in early GB postal history.
There is no catalogue price for this rarity (it is of course unique by definition).
It is worth thinking about though…
A first day cover dated 6th May, 1840, the first day of issue for plate 1a penny blacks is priced in the SG catalogue…
That price is £160,000.
I would suggest the price of £14,000 for this rarity is not a demanding asking price.
With British philately set to be on global display next year at the London 2020 International Stamp Exhibition, now is a good time to consider picking up important pieces such as this.
We may see a major move in prices over the next year for GB rarities such as this. This is an opportunity to buy a major rarity of GB philately before the next big trigger event.

And there’s more…
It was very difficult for me to choose my top 5…
We now have rare stamps with a value of over £5 million available to purchase on our website.
The prices range from £12 to £695,000, so quite a diverse range to choose from regardless of your budget.
You can view the entire range here…


I have a mountain of stamps in our vault waiting for me to describe on the website.
I am working as fast as I can but the quality and accuracy of our descriptions are core to how we do business and I cannot compromise on that.
So, keep your eyes on our website so you can be the early bird and pick up the best bargain rarities before anyone else gets to them first.
And, of course, being a subscriber to our emails means you get to hear about our best finds before anyone else.
You can place your order for any stamps you would like simply by replying to this email.

Alternatively, please give us a call next week (Monday to Friday, 9am-5:30pm GMT) on +44(0)1534 639998. 

Don’t forget to find my typo to save an extra £50 on your order.

Kind regards, 
Mike Hall CEO Just Collecting
PS. I just read about another stamp realisation breaking the $1 million barrier. This time it was one of USA’s most famous philatelic items, the “Alexandria Blue Boy” cover.
The cover features the only known example of the 1846-47 5c black on blue ‘postmaster’s provisional’ stamp issued locally in the town of Alexandria in Virginia.

Here is the famous $1 million philatelic item:

It sure makes the stamps I offer today look cheap!

It sure makes the stamps I offer today look cheap!

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