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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2020-03-09 21:19:13

Auction Unsolds Now Available at Fixed Price

Our online stamp rarities auction closed last Thursday evening.

 Auctions always surprise me and this one was no exception.

Some stamps sold for much higher prices than I expected. 

Yet, some top quality rarities in the sale didn’t even attract a single bidder.

And, this is where you can step in now…

Since the sale finished, we have been busy contacting the sellers to discuss what to do with their stamps which didn’t sell.

For selected lots unsold in the auction, we have now negotiated a fixed discounted price with the sellers.

So, I am delighted to present to you a short term opportunity to acquire some key rarities at substantially below “normal” market values. You are able to benefit from this opportunity because two things have come together at the same time:

  1. We have motivated sellers who purchased these stamps a long time ago at much lower prices and are also very keen to sell now rather than wait for a better price
  2. Some key rarities did not sell at the auction. This is the way of an auction and is simply because, for certain lots on the day, the right buyers were not participating in the bidding.

This is, in essence, where bargains are to be found when buying at auction.

It is not a regular occurrence for both of these factors to come together. When they do, you are able to secure key stamp rarities at the very best prices.

I only have 8 stamps available at these very low fixed prices.

The table below provides you a summary of the potential deal on all 8 unsold lots…You could potentially own all these major stamp rarities for an outlay of just £11,520.

These stamps have a total retail value of £24,945.

That’s a total discount of 54%, less than half price.

Let’s take a closer look…

Lot 20

China 1897 (Jan) small figure surcharge on Dowager Empress issue, mint set of 10 to 3c on 24ca rose-carmine, 10c on 9ca. Some perforation tones and rather heavily hinged, however, benefiting from part to large part original gum, SG37/46


FIXED PRICE: £2,250 (50% discount) 

I was surprised this difficult to find Chinese Empire set of surcharges on the famous Dowager Empress commemorative stamps did not sell. Other examples of the Dowager Empress set we have handled have always sold quite quickly when we offer them out to our clients.

It is a strong area of the market with a larger base of stamp collectors than any other country in the world.

The failure to find a buyer this time is probably because our Chinese stamp section in the sale was quite small.

We clearly did not attract Chinese stamp buyers to look at the sale meaning there is now a chance to secure this set of very rare Chinese Empire stamps at half price.

Lot 61

Great Britain 1861 3d rose plate 2 (State 1 with shaded spandrels), SG75var. A very fine and fresh unused original gum example lettered DG, overprinted "SPECIMEN" type 6 (vertically). GB Specialised Catalogue No: J25As


FIXED PRICE: £350 (56% discount)

This is a really important Queen Victorian rarity and I was disappointed it was passed over in our auction.

The 1861 3d rose stamp was never issued because it was considered to resemble the 4d stamp too closely. The price in the Stanley Gibbons Queen Victoria specialised catalogue for the 3d stamp is £20,000.

It is exceedingly rare. The example we have is a “specimen”, which means it was used as reference by postmasters and postal administrations to help spot any attempted forgeries. Obviously, in this case, it was never used.

I think this is a bargain, even at the full retail price, considering its rarity and in this quality of condition. 

Lot 146

Great Britain 1913 2s Booklet (Edition 10). Very fine and fresh example with each Pane overprinted 'SPECIMEN' type 22. Very scarce so fine. SG BBvar


FIXED PRICE: £1,500 (70% discount)

These nostalgic stamp booklets take us back to a time spanning two World Wars.

Britain produced its first stamp booklets in 1904. The idea became popular and quickly spread around the world.

Collecting stamp booklets is a niche area. Collectors in this area tend to be very passionate about their subject and there is even an entire website devoted to the study of GB stamp booklets.

Because of this passionate base of interest, they have shown steady growth in values over the years and prices have always proven resilient.

This particular stamp booklet is exceptionally scarce with each pane overprinted “SPECIMEN” and in very fine condition. In light of the fact our auction did not attract any of these passionate collectors, there is an exceptional opportunity here to acquire this for a price 70% below its SG catalogue value.

Lot 162

Great Britain 1924 2s Booklet (Edition No. 13), SGBB12. A very fine example with advertisement pane NB15(1). Scarce.


FIXED PRICE: £395 (56% discount)

If you would like to add a GB stamp booklet to your collection at a low price entry level, this is a fine classic representative example.

At a price of just £395 compared to the SG catalogue price of £900, it is difficult to resist.

Lot 169

Great Britain 1936 (Sept) 1½d Edward Vlll Coronation Essays, SG459. A very fine set of four imperforate essays of the King in the Uniform of the Welsh Guards (Design Type D). Printed in Green, Red, Brown & Blue on gummed E&R (sideways) watermarked paper, each essay mounted on thin card as they were presented to the Post Office and the Royal Arts Commission on the 7th September 1936. Very rare, one of only six sets released.


FIXED PRICE: £2,950 (58% discount)

King Edward VIII is famous in stamp terms for only having one set of stamps issued during his reign. He was only King from 20 January 1936 until his abdication on 11 December of that same year. 

Designs submitted for the planned Coronation stamp issue called “Essays” are very rare and mark an interesting period in history. As King Edward VIII abdicated before his coronation, the stamps were never issued.

This set of essays submitted by Harrison & Sons featured the King in the uniform of the Welsh Guards.

Only six sets were released. The set in our auction is in perfect uncirculated condition.

Being a specialised area of collecting, liquidity in the market can be erratic. As such, despite the obvious quality, rarity and philatelic importance of this set, they did not find a bidder in our auction.

On another day, they could well have doubled estimate. 

You can secure this attractive and exceedingly rare unissued set of stamp essays today for the fixed price of £2,950, being a 58% discount to market value. 

Lot 188

Great Britain 1967 4d British wild flowers. Superb unmounted original gum se-tenant block of four with reddish purple omitted, offered with normal for comparison. Scarce, Pierron records only 30 mint blocks. SG720c. 


FIXED PRICE: £1,200 (40% discount)

This “wild flowers” issue of 1967, error of colour, affects just the bottom right stamp in the block. The missing colour results in the loss of flowers and leaf shading on the Red Campion and shading on the Wood Anemone.

The modern British stamp errors section in our auction performed well in the main.

This one missed out on the party and ended up left on the shelf. I can’t think why as it is very attractive and missing colour errors are the most desirable type of stamp error.

“There are only 30 possible examples of this error. The fixed offer price of £1,200 is around the price it was being sold for 15 years ago.

Lot 226

Papua 1907 2d Black and violet, think paper watermark vertical, type 4 'Papua', overprint of Brisbane, ERROR OVERPRINT DOUBLE, unmounted mint with full original gum. Tiny trace of gum toning mentioned for accuracy, but very fine appearance. Position 13 from the one sheet of 30 that existed, which remained unknown to the wider philatelic world until 2003 (first listed in SG British Commonwealth & Empire Part 1 Catalogue 2004). Single examples have never previously been available to collectors. SG40a 


FIXED PRICE: £2,500 (41% discount)

I featured this stamp in a previous e-mail as one of my favourite stamps in the auction. Despite most of the other lots I featured selling, I am bemused this key Commonwealth rarity did not find a buyer.

It has everything going for it in my opinion:

  • A beautiful stamp
  • An interesting printing error with the double overprint of “Papua”
  • Exceedingly rare with only 30 possible examples available
  • In as good condition as you could find for this rarity
  • From a popularly collected area of the market
  • Available at a very attractive discount to SG catalogue value

Lot 227

Prince Edward Island 1870 4d black on coarse bluish white wove, SG31a, perforations 11½-12, lower right corner block of 4 comprising two horizontal pairs, ERROR IMPERFORATE BETWEEN. A very fine unused example with large part original gum and of fresh appearance. The lower pair are unmounted but with natural gum disturbance and trace of tone at left. A very scarce block and hardly ever seen in this quality.  


FIXED PRICE: £375 (24% discount)

This is one of the very few lower value stamps which went unsold in the auction.

Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s maritime provinces off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It issued its first stamps on January 1st, 1861.

 All stamps of this colony were perforated issues picturing an austere portrait of Queen Victoria. Prince Edward Island only issued stamps for 12 years as it joined the Dominion of Canada on July 1st 1873. 

This scarce block of four includes the printing error with the absence of printing perforations between the stamps. It is in very attractive condition and a great value purchase in my opinion at the fixed offer price.

That’s all folks

I’m afraid that’s all the remaining bargains I have left for you.

If you would like to secure any of the rarities featured in this blog at the fixed offer prices, please either respond to this blog or to and we will reserve your stamps straight away.

Alternatively, give us a call on +44(0)1534 639998.

Please let us know which lots you would like to secure as soon as you can so we can reserve them for you. 

Kind regards,

Mike Hall

CEO Just Collecting

PS. Our next online stamp rarities auction is scheduled for May 2020, just after the London 2020 International Stamp Exhibition. Whilst we are working hard to make it an attractive sale, I suspect bargains such as these featured today will be harder to come by.

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