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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2019-11-04 21:56:48

Top Quality Rarities for Half the Price

I have an invitation for you today…

If you accept, you have the chance of securing some top quality rare stamps at a very good price.

That price could be 50% of SG catalogue price, or even less.

But, you will need to act on my advice before 6pm on November 14th

That’s when our online Prestige Collectibles Auction closes.

I cordially invite you to participate in our Auction.

The auction includes over 150 lots of fine quality rare stamps.

We are delighted with the quality of the stamps which have been consigned to our auction.

All stamps have been viewed, described and authenticated by our expert team.

Unlike some auctions, you don’t need to worry about “is it the right quality and genuine?”.

The thing people love about auctions is…

Whatever price you pay, you know you only paid one bid above what someone else was willing to pay.

That gives you comfort you paid a fair price. 

What can be even better… when you are the only serious bidder.

When that happens, you have the real chance of securing top quality rarities at exceptional prices.

That is your opportunity here.

And, to help you decide what to bid on, I have picked out 7 of my favourites from the auction across a range of budgets.

In my opinion, all of these rarities are incredible bargains at their auction estimate.

I would go even further and say they are bargains at SG catalogue prices, such is their quality and rarity. 

Welcome to the party…

Lot 204: North Borneo (under £500)

North Borneo 1918 (Oct) Red Cross $10 + 4c brick-red postage stamp, type 70 surcharge SG252. Tied to piece by violet Jesselton "17 FEB 1919" circular date stamp. Very scarce used and in superb condition.

North Borneo was one of the first countries to recognise the monetary value of producing stamps specifically to appeal to collectors.

This stamp is one such example, bold and of intricate design. It is also the best quality used example I have ever seen.

The Asian stamp market is vibrant and this is a chance to secure a stamp that has real potential to grow considerably in value over the next 10 years.

SG catalogue price: £475 

Estimate: £286


Lot 197: Hong Kong (under £1,000)

Hong Kong 1912-21 50c black/blue-green postage stamp, SG111b, OLIVE BACK, watermark MCA. Beautifully fresh example with original gum. A really fine example of this key stamp.

This famous stamp from the reign of King George V is simply stunning. It is the finest quality mint example you could hope to find and a beautiful classic design of the time.

This example is an important rarity due to being a colour variant from a 1917 printing. It’s one of those stamps you hardly ever see in such pristine condition.

SG catalogue price: £1,300

Estimate: £715


Lot 167: Great Britain (under £1,000)

Great Britain King George V 1913 £1 Green postage stamp, SG403.

Very fine used well centred example neatly cancelled by a light 1913 Guernsey thimble circular date stamp. Most attractive and scarce in such fine condition.

This stamp needs no introduction. It is, of course, the famous high value “Seahorse” stamp first issued on the eve of World War I.

It is also Britain’s longest reigning high value stamp issue, being in circulation for 26 years from 1913 to 1939.

This is a stunning used example with a beautiful thimble circular date stamp from Guernsey.

SG catalogue price: £1,400

Estimate: £770


Lot 67: China (under £2,000)


China 1894 60th Birthday of the Dowager Empress (first printing), mint set of 9 to 24ca rose-carmine with part to large part original gum. SG16/24. 

This set of stamps comes from the first printing of one of the most famous early Chinese Empire stamp issues. Issued in 1894, these were China’s first commemorative stamps. 

The history behind the Dowager Empress of China, Tzu-hsi, is fascinating and worth reading about if you have the time.

These stamps commemorate the Dowager Empress, one of the most powerful women in the history of China.

It is difficult to find this complete set in such fine mint condition, particularly with most of the original gum survived.

SG catalogue price: £2,300

Estimate: £1,375


Lot 205: Rhodesia (under £3,000)

Rhodesia 1913-22 1½d drab-brown postage stamp, SG199b, perforation 14, vertical pair, error imperforate between with original gum. A very fine and rare pair. 

The King George V “Admiral” stamp issues are one of the most widely collected and adored areas of British Empire philately. 

This rarity from the British South African Territory of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) is quite unusual with the absence of perforations between the pair of stamps.

It is also in excellent condition and from an area of the market widely anticipated to show serious growth in the next decade.

SG catalogue price: £2,500

Estimate: £1,375


Lot 83: Great Britain (under £10,000)


Very fine used four margin example of the "Penny Black" postage stamp, neatly tied to entire contrary to regulations at the left hand side of the letter by a brownish red Maltese Cross.

Sent from London to Newmarket with a superb London Chief Office Evening duty circular date stamp for MY.7.1840.

Interesting contents concern the transport of new troops to Bombay for the East India Company, presumably as reinforcements for the troops that were stationed at Cabul following the first stage of the 1st Afghan war.

A wonderful piece of postal history and on the second day of issue of the penny black and the birth of prepaid postage. The quality is quite exceptional and such early May date covers are rarely seen so fine. The item is accompanied with a British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate of authenticity.

This is an important piece of early British postal history. 

We were originally appointed to sell this item on a private treaty basis. We promoted it in one of our emails earlier this year offered at a price of £17,500. 

I was, frankly, bemused why we did not find a buyer at that price. 

Our client is keen to sell and has now consigned this fantastic philatelic rarity to our auction. As a result, you have a second chance to secure this piece, but possibly at an even lower price. 

I strongly urge you to read our original story on this fascinating item by following the link below:"The Penny Black Blunder"

SG catalogue price: £20,000 

Estimate: £9,625


Lot 81: Great Britain (one for the big boys only)

Great Britain 1840 1d black plate 4. Very fine and fresh unused original gum four margin block of four lettered AD-BE, SG2.

A very rare and desirable block of the world's first postage stamp. Provenance: Ex. Lea, Tes. Accompanied with a British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate of authenticity. SG2.

This philatelic rarity belongs to an elite group of stamps. Those which usually feature in the world’s finest and most valuable stamp collections.

Finding just one mint penny black with original gum is hard enough. We are lucky if we manage to find more than one or two a year we can offer to clients. 

Finding a block of four can take much longer, sometimes decades.

Owning something like this is a real privilege. It is such a key piece of our postal history.

Historically it has been proven time and time again that buying the absolute best quality high value rarities is where the highest long term returns are found.

SG catalogue price: £140,000 

Estimate: £82,500


A few more things you need to know

If my recommendations don’t hit your buttons, not to worry. There are over 200 other lots for you to choose from in our online auction.

 And, the auction is not just postage stamps.

It also features autographs, memorabilia, first edition books, rare coins and military medals…


Please be aware, the sellers know their stamps are of the highest quality.

They are not about to give them away. 

Consequently, they have placed reserves on their stamps, ie. the lowest price they are willing to let their stamps sell for.

So, for example, don’t expect to win a stamp worth £10,000 for £100. 

Also, be aware, you may have competition.

If this happens, you are highly unlikely to get your stamp(s) at the lower estimates quoted above.

But… it’s surely worth a try.

Good Luck!

Kind regards

Mike Hall CEO Just Collecting

PS. If you want more information on any of the auction lots, or would like to talk to an expert before placing your bids, do not hesitate to email us at info@justcollecting.com. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at +44(0)1534 639998.

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