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2020-02-25 10:07:42

My favourite stamps in our online rarities auction

The deadline to bid in our February Stamp Rarities Auction is fast approaching.

There’s only 6 days left.

 From 6pm next Thursday each of the 237 lots will close.

Today, I would like to share with you my favourite philatelic items in the sale.

I know Mike, AKA the stamp man, has already shared with you his top 10 picks based on investment potential. 

Quite a few of them would have been in my favourites list too. If you missed that blog you can see Mike’s top tips again here:


In picking my favourites, I have made sure to select fantastic rarities across a range of price points.

I wanted to make sure to cater for all budgets.

You see, this auction is one of those “moments in time”.

One of those moments people will look back on and say,

“I wish I had bought back then at those prices. 

And, I wouldn’t want any of my loyal readers to miss out on this opportunity. 

So, whether you have a budget of £30 or £30,000, I have picked something out for you.

I have picked exceptionally rare items…

Where quality could not be improved on.

Stunning designs worthy of the label “works of art”.

And… all at exceptionally low estimates compared to “fair values”.

For under £100 

From the golden era of stamp designs, an exquisite complete commemorative set of stamps from Australia’s Papua…

Papua (British New Guinea) King George VI 1938 (6 Sept) Air Mail 50th Anniversary of Declaration of British Possession 2d to 1s mauve set of 5, SG158/162. 1939-41 Air Mail 2d to 1s6d olive-green set of 6, SG163/68.

A beautiful quality complete set of this classic stamp issue with fresh colours and only the merest of traces of previous hingeing. 

Estimate: £25 - £35 

SG Catalogue Value: £90


There’s good reason stamps from King George VI’s reign have long been a very popular area to collect.

The stunning designs illustrated within this pictorial set show the reason why…

![No alt text provided for this image](

Trinidad and Tobago King George VI 1938-44 Watermark Multiple Script 1c to $4.80 rose-carmine set of 14, SG246/256. A fine quality lightly mounted set with fresh colours.

Estimate: £30 - £35

SG Catalogue Value: £110


£100 to £500

This fine block of four from the Dominion of Canada’s first stamp issue is much rarer than the price would suggest…


Canada 1868-90 ½c black 'large Queen', SG62, perforations 11½x12, Montreal printing, left marginal block of 4. Very fine quality unused example with original gum (three stamps unmounted). Minor traces of gum yellowing not detracting from quality. A scarce and attractive multiple.

Estimate: £250 - £350

SG Catalogue Value: £440+


My next selection is a hidden gem in the auction, which could easily be passed over…

Most Chinese stamps don’t score so high on condition grading. 

The set below is exceedingly rare. The high value stamp in particular is one usually missing from most collections.

They are also in the best quality you could ever hope to find.

East China: Jiangsu-Anhui Border Area 1946-47 "Railway Train" imperforate set of 7 to $10 maroon, including unissued 75c red, SGEC277a/EC282a. A fine unused set, with the $10 being especially scarce.

Estimate: £500 - £700

SG Catalogue Value: £1,400


£500 to £1,000

I’ve selected this stamp error for you because I think it is undervalued, no question.

It’s extreme rarity demands a higher price…

The renowned experts in modern British stamp errors, Pierron record only circa. 10 mint examples exist.

Yet, it is estimated in our auction below £1,000…


Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II 1991 24p Bicentenary of Ordnance Survey, Maps of Ham Street, Kent, SG1578ea. Superb unmounted original gum left hand marginal example with black (Litho) printing treble & magenta printing double. Offered with normal for comparison. A very scarce error. Pierron records only 10-20 mint examples.

Estimate: £700 - £800

SG Catalogue Value: £1,250


Travelling to the Far East now, I have unearthed this little gem for you.

It is a classic and very rare high value ($10) stamp from Hong Kong and of breath-taking quality…

Hong Kong 1903 $10 slate and orange/blue, SG76, watermark CA. Brilliant example with large part original gum. A lovely fresh example.

Estimate: £700 - £800

SG Catalogue Value: £1,400


My next hot lot is a vintage King George V design.

I have always loved this stamp design with the bold contrast of the colours red against black.

The example in our auction though includes a rare printing variety and is of the highest quality. Worth more than SG catalogue price in my humble opinion…

Leeward Islands 1938-51 £1 brown-purple and black/salmon, perforations 14, SG114ba. Lower left corner example (R5/1) showing variety "Missing pearl". Very fine quality unmounted with full original gum intact. Error occurs on 1944 printing only. Rare.

Estimate: £850 - £950

SG Catalogue Value: £1,700


£1,000 to £10,000

One of my own mantras in collectibles is:

“Buy the best quality examples you can find and afford”

The reason I have picked out this next lot is because it is the best quality example of this revered “Long Pound” stamp I have ever seen. 

If you manage to win this at the estimate, you will have done very well indeed…

Great Britain 1911 Deep Green. Very fine and fresh unmounted original gum corner marginal example printed at Somerset House from plate 1a. Scarce so fine. SG320.

Estimate: £1,500 - £1,750

SG Catalogue Value: £3,000+


I remember this next lot very clearly when it first arrived in our office for describing.

The Britannia stamp issue is a classic. 

A complete sheet of 110 of them together is something special.

It is hard to believe they are 168 years old and have survived throughout history, never being broken up.

It is also an unissued colour of the first postage stamp from the popular holiday island of Barbados and very attractive…

Barbados 1852 2d slate blue (no value) unused complete sheet of 110. Some gum disturbance and toning, to be expected, but a beautiful presentation piece of the very popular Britannia design. Provenance: Ex The Burrus Collection.

Estimate: £1,800 - £2,000

SG Catalogue Value: £3,080+


In the beginning there was the penny black…

Most folks today know what a penny black is. Very few have heard of the Mulready.

The Mulready is the poorer cousin to the penny black. These were prepaid letter sheets issued in conjunction with the adhesive postage stamp on 6th May 1840.

Despite their ornate attractiveness, the public scorned the Mulready. Within two months they were scrapped.

Personally, I love them. This one in our auction is particularly interesting, rare and with an unbelievably low estimate…

Great Britain 1840 1d Mulready lettersheet Forme 2 Stereo A18. Very fine used example sent from London to Yarmouth, cancelled by a London 'PAID" Tombstone datestamp for JY.7.1840, with a second strike at right and Torrington 2py P. Paid receiving office handstamp at left. Some very minor peripheral faults, nevertheless a very attractive and rare Mulready. Provenance: Ex. Yates & Grunin. Accompanied with a certificate of authenticity from the Royal Philatelic Society. SG ME1

Estimate: £3,000 - £4,000

SG Catalogue Value: £12,000


The big guns (Over £10,000)

Moving from the Premier League to the Champions League, the penultimate hot lot comes from a gold medal award winning collection.

It is a star item. 

It is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive philatelic trophy items I have handled.

The vibrancy of the colour can only be fully appreciated if you can see it up close and personal.

Bid on it today for your chance to take this home and the opportunity to fully admire its beauty…

Great Britain 1915 5s Pale Carmine "seahorse" (Worn plate). Pristine unused original gum half sheet of twenty printed by De La Rue complete with full sheet margin, lightly mounted on two stamps only. A magnificent exhibition piece. Provenance: Ex. Hassan Shaida gold medal collection. SG410. The SG catalogue price is £26,800+

Estimate: £19,250 - £22,250

SG Catalogue Value: £26,800+


My final hot lot is probably the finest quality pair of mint penny blacks you will ever see.

They are also from an early impression of printing plate 1a making them amongst the very first penny blacks ever printed.

A trophy asset of the highest order and, I would suggest, a shrewd investment at the estimate price…

Great Britain 1840 1d black plate 1a, SG2. Superb unused original gum four margin horizontal pair lettered SE-SF. Beautiful deep colour and gum from an early impression. An exceptional pair of the highest rarity. Accompanied with two independent certificates of authenticity: 1991 Dienna and 1994 British Philatelic Association (BPA). Provenance: Ex Mayflower Grand Prix Collection.

Estimate: £45,000 - £55,000

SG Last Traded Price: £90,000


Early bidding recommended

I would strongly recommend you place your opening bids early.

That way, you will be at the ready on the evening of the 27th to fend off any competition.

Don’t be one of those people who will look back wishing they had seized this opportunity…

 Top quality rarities at low prices.

You can also leave your maximum bids with us and we will bid on your behalf on the evening of the 27th.

That way, we do all the hard work and you know you won’t pay more than the maximum price you are willing to pay.

To leave your bids, simply reply to this email with the lot numbers and your maximum bids. Alternatively, call (UK) 01534 639998 and we can take your bids over the phone.

Good luck!

Kind regards, 

Paul Fraser. 

PS. You can view the whole auction by clicking the link below:


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