One-Off Summer Sale You Won’t Want to Miss: My Lowest Prices Ever

The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2019-07-29 11:34:26

The sizzling summer here in Jersey has melted my brain, so I can’t think of a more interesting blog to write this week.

But, the problem I have is…

Whilst a “BIG DISCOUNT” e-mail is pretty easy to write, I hate giving discounts…

I understand it's a useful way of building long term relationships with loyal clients.

Anyone getting an absolutely “cracking deal” is likely going to want to do business with us again…and again.

But I really struggled to come up with anything I'd be willing to drop my price on.

Finally, after much head scratching, I had an idea…

How to offer you my lowest prices ever on some fine items in a way I am willing to stomach just this once

Why has no one bought this yet?

Not every stamp I feature in my weekly e-mails finds a loving home.

For whatever reason, some get left on the shelf.

I have looked back on previous e-mails to see what stamps didn’t sell…

I was surprised to see some of my favourite stock items in the “unsold” list.

I must assume I either caught you at a bad time when I offered these to you last or I didn't succeed in presenting their quality and value to you properly.

Either way, I'm giving you a second chance at what I think are the best 7 stamps that didn’t sell.

Not only that…

I have reduced the price of them for you even further by an average of 20% additional discount.

These are definitely my rock-bottom prices.

You won’t get a better deal from me than this…

The 7 stamps that got away

1. Rare double-error stamp from India

Indian Convention State Jind OFFICIAL 1886-1902 1a brown-purple, error 'JEIND', SGO13b. 

SG Catalogue Price: £800

Our RRP: £750

Summer Sizzler Price: £600


Considering how strong the Indian stamp market is just now, I have no idea why this exceptionally rare “double error” stamp did not sell.

It additionally shows overprint error of “JEIND STATE” double, one albino.

This phenomenon is noted on four of the ten examples recorded and the blunted “J”, which parallels examples of SG13a and SG16a in the Royal Collection.

It is a most desirable and interesting Indian States rarity in mint condition with original gum.

For such a remarkable rarity, the SG catalogue value of £800 does not sound demanding. The Summer Sizzler offer price of £600 represents a discount of 25% on the catalogue value.

The value of the stamp is also augmented by its excellent provenance coming with a Royal Philatelic Society Certificate of Authenticity and benefiting from the parallel examples of the blunted “J” in the Royal Collection.

2. A Little Memento from the Victorian Communications Revolution

Great Britain 1848 10d brown embossed, SG57.


SG Catalogue Price: £1,500

Our RRP: £995

Summer Sizzler Price: £800


I expected this classic Victorian stamp to sell purely on price. It was previously offered at a 34% discount to SG catalogue value. I found it strange at the time no one snatched this one up.

Thats a massive 47% discount to the current SG catalogue value. 

Let me explain why this stamp issue is so important to British postal history… 

The embossed stamps of Queen Victoria’s reign represent an interesting episode in Britain’s philatelic heritage. 

The experimental printing process was in fact a failure and they were replaced by new surface printed stamps in 1855.

They were only in circulation between 1847 and 1854.

Despite their short lifespan, they were at the centre of the communications revolution taking place at the time.

They opened the world to postal communication, bringing staggering growth in international trade as the perfect partner to steamships and railways. 

The printing process for embossed stamps was ridiculously laborious.

Stamps were printed one at a time on silk thread paper. The design was raised and recessed to create a rough surface.

The working die had to be used to apply each impression individually to the printed sheet by hand. As a result, the impressions were usually poorly spaced, either being too close together or too far apart. It was quite common for stamps to overlap.

Postal workers would then often cut around the octagonal design before they were sold.

With such an ineffective printing process, very few quality examples existed in the first place. 

Because of this, finding fine used examples with good margins all round like the one I have is challenging. In short, they are rarely seen in such quality. 

3. Rarity from hot part of stamp market

Bushire 1915 (Sept) Coronation 10ch brown and deep green, SG21.

SG Catalogue Price: £3,250

Our RRP: £3,250

Summer Sizzler Price: £2,750


I didn’t think I would need to do anything to sell this stamp.

It is from the city of Bushire on the southwestern coast of Iran on the Persian Gulf issued during the British Occupation.

This is one of the hot spots of philately at the moment and prices are rising.

So, I was a bit let down when it didn’t sell from my e-mail “10 Secrets to Successful Stamp Investing”.

It may just have been that it needed a little discount…

Because the market is so strong in this area, I am very reluctant to drop the price below the SG catalogue value.

Even more so because it is one of the best quality used examples of this stamp you could hope to find. A lot of the other used examples are in poor quality and don’t come close to this one.

It is also a very rare stamp with only 66 issued in total in 1915.

Finally, it is accompanied by a 1978 Royal Philatelic Society certificate of Authenticity.

I am less than happy about this but, in order to ensure this stamp finds a deserving home, I am willing to offer this today at the Summer Sizzler price of £2,750, a 15% discount.

To give you an idea of how this market is moving, in the past 10 years this stamp went up from £1,200 to £3,250 in the SG catalogue, growth of 171%.

Stamps from the Middle East languished behind for many years but have been catching up over the past decade or so with frequent evidence of new high net worth collectors bidding prices up at auction.

4. A very rare modern GB stamp error at a reasonable price

Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II 1983 15½p British River Fish, SG1207a.

SG Catalogue Price: £3,000

Our RRP: £3,000

Summer Sizzler Price: £2,500


I offered this rare modern British stamp error in an e-mail I sent out a couple of months ago.

One of my longest standing clients (and a lovely chap) asked me to sell it for him to raise some needed funds to help pay for his daughter’s wedding. The big day is now fast approaching.

I am really annoyed to have let my client down, so I persevere…

I will foot the bill for the added discount of £500 offered on this (not my client).

In other words, I am offering an extra discount of 17% on what was already a good price…

My client bought this stamp for £4,500 four years ago, the market price at the time.

With my added Summer Sizzler discount, the price the stamp is offered at now is 44% less than my client paid for it.

This is my final offer!

The pair of stamps on offer depict a salmon from the 1983 British River Fish issue. The normal stamp is worth no more than face value.

This fishy pair was, however, printed without any perforations, as you can see.

According to Pierron, the expert in modern GB stamp errors, only 10 mint examples have ever been recorded.

That is extremely rare and normally such scarce modern British stamp errors command much higher values.

Not only that, this example is in pristine unmounted mint condition with full original gum.

Furthermore, this is a vertical gutter margin pair, adding a further premium to the scarcity value.

5. Exceptional value British Empire rarity 

St. Vincent 1885-93 6d violet, watermark CA, perforations 14 (comb), SG52. An upper left corner block of 4 with brilliant original gum (three stamps unmounted).

SG Catalogue Price: N/A

Our RRP: £4,750

Summer Sizzler Price: £3,950


This one really has the wow factor.

It comes from the volcanic island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean, which started printing its own stamps from 1861.

It is a beauty to behold, of stunning quality and very rare. Only 55 sheets were printed of the 6d violet, which was first issued in 1885. Some of these were overprinted for government revenue purposes.

Being an upper left corner block of 4 makes this piece that little bit more appealing and exceptionally rare.

You can only really fully appreciate the quality by holding it in your hands. It has brilliant original gum with three of the four stamps unmounted.

The Summer Sizzler price of £3,950 looks even more appealing.

The upper right block from this sheet, which is of inferior quality, realised £5,400 at auction in March 2006.

Let me just explain that to you…

I am offering this stamp at a 27% discount to the price a poorer quality example sold for at auction 13 years ago.

This is exceptional value for an important and beautiful rarity from the British Empire – no question.

6. The first and most famous stamp issue from Aden

Aden King George VI 1937 “Dhows” ½a to 10r set of 12, SG1/12.

SG Catalogue Price: £1,200

Our RRP: £800

Summer Sizzler Price: £700


I only recently offered this beautiful set of stamps in the e-mail where I gave you a sneak preview into a recently acquired stunning British Empire collection.

It is actually one of my favourite stamp issues of all time produced by Aden, the former capital of the People’s Republic of South Yemen.

Aden was only a British Crown Colony from 1937 to 1963 but was responsible for issuing some classic British Empire stamp designs in its short history.

The quality of this set is lovely: all well-centred, of fresh appearance and only very lightly mounted.

The SG catalogue value of £1,200 is for fine quality mounted mint examples.

I consider this set to be at least of SG catalogue quality. The Summer Sizzler offer price of £700 represents a discount of 42% on the SG catalogue value.

I am sure you will agree this is a great offer considering the strength of the market in this area at the moment. This set, by way of example, has doubled in value in the SG catalogue over the past 10 years.

7. The only country to depict Prince Albert on a stamp

Canada 1852-57 6d slate-violet on handmade wove, SG9. 

SG Catalogue Price: £45,000

Our RRP: £5,500

Summer Sizzler Price: £3,950


The fact this stamp remains with me is a bit of an enigma. A bit like the stamp itself…

A couple of years ago I devoted an entire article to it. Please take the time to read by clicking the link below:


Considering I originally offered this key Canadian stamp rarity at 88% below SG catalogue value, I didn’t think it would hang around long.

I must admit I thought of increasing the price of this stamp rather than discounting it further.

I concluded perhaps it hasn’t sold because the price sounds too good to be true.

Let me be clear…

The quality of this stamp is below my normal minimum requirement. That is why it is priced at such a deep discount to SG catalogue value.

That said:

  1. It is an exceptionally rare stamp and this is the only time I have ever handled one.
  2. It is unused in mint condition, of fresh appearance and a very collectible example

The reason for the big discount is:

  1. The margin at the top of the stamp is cut close, although it is still clear of the inner frameline
  2. There is a thin spot on the reverse of the stamp

The stamp is also sold with an independent 2002 Greene Certificate of Authenticity.

The famous Prince Albert stamp from Canada deserves a better home than our vault.

This is the last time I'll reduce the price on this stamp. If I don’t have any takers I am tempted to put it into my own personal collection for the long term.

My lowest and final price is…

£3,950 (91% discount to SG catalogue price).

If it doesn’t sell at that price…I give up!

7 Day Sale Only

A word of warning…

I know I keep saying it but, I don’t like giving discounts.

Consequently, this sale runs strictly for the next 7 days only.

On August 2nd I’m putting all these stamps back to their normal prices.

To secure any of the Summer Sizzler bargains before someone else beats you to it, you can use the “CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW” button under each stamp above and purchase from our online store.

Alternatively, please reply to this e-mail with your order and we will reserve your stamp(s) straight away and process your order for you on Monday.

Please take these offers as they are intended…

I genuinely appreciate your loyal custom and this is my way of thanking you for that (albeit reluctantly!)


Kind regards, 

Mike Hall. CEO Just Collecting

PS. This is a genuine SALE and not a stock clearance. The items on sale are high quality and, in my opinion, worth at least the full asking price in the open market. Enjoyed this email? Try these:

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