New Year Resolution No. 1: Don't Lose Money

The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2021-01-20 15:45:42

Another lockdown expected to fuel huge new interest in rare stamps

First and foremost, I hope you remain safe and well as the new, more contagious wave of coronavirus means many of us are back in lockdown. 

These are challenging times indeed.

But, we must persevere.

When we finally emerge to a new form of reality, and a forever changed society, I, for one, want to come out richer, not poorer.

Money isn’t everything, as the past year has taught many of us. If anything, the past year has taught me the important lesson of perspective.

That said, whilst money might not buy happiness, a lack of money certainly buys you misery.

So, we need to seriously consider where we allocate our investments for the year ahead.

The master of investing, Warren Buffett says it best on the rules of investing:

“Rule No. 1: Never lose money, Rule No. 2: Never forget rule number 1”.

There is no doubt a lot of investors will lose money during the second period of lockdown.

But, what I have to offer you today should help you to follow Rule No. 1.

Before I share this with you, it’s worth looking at what everyone else has been saying about the rare stamp market in the past year.

To get some wider perspective…

Stamp collecting becomes hot news

Over the past year, there has been a steady stream of positive news about the stamp market.

During the first lockdown, on 29th April, the Evening Standard ran an article with the headline:

“Covid-19 lockdown fuels demand for stamp collecting”.

An article in CN Traveller in the same month gave some flavour on why stamp collecting was taking off again:

“This Mumbai man rediscovered his passion for stamps during the lockdown. Samir Wadekar’s stamp collection was his window to the world before he ever stepped out of home. Today, while he cannot travel, his collection helps him relive all the places he has been.”

A major stamp dealer also reported on how lockdown had changed their business:

“Almost immediately, there was a huge surge in interest from all over the world in the items we put up for sale. It was common to see people fighting over coins and stamps within seconds of their appearing. At first I thought this was a result of lockdown boredom, but soon began to realise that the collectable market was starting to generate huge new interest.”

In the summer, the Wall Street Journal quoted Scott English, Executive Director of the American Philatelic Society as saying:

“Online search results listing the APS have roughly doubled to 1.2 million since March. Sometimes you need the Zen of admiring a tiny piece of artwork”.

And, in the auction world, the news and realisations throughout the year has been incredibly positive. Sotheby’s reported just last month that:

“It also held more than 400 online auctions which it said was an all-time industry high of more than $570m (£420m) over three times the volume and over seven times the value for 2019”.

A defensive investment

The market indicators in the stamp market are all positive right now.

And stamp collecting as a hobby has already proven to grow considerably during lockdown.

As such, rare stamps seem a logical consideration in any defensive investment strategy for 2021.

To help you achieve this goal, I have gone one step further…

I have spent the time over the New Year break building for you, what I believe, are the perfect defensive rare stamps investment portfolios. 

The portfolios I have built for you: 

  1. Consist of premium quality rare stamps (ie. those in most demand and the most challenging to find)
  2. Are heavily weighted to stamps within the least volatile collecting areas of the market
  3. Have a long term history of steady price appreciation
  4. Provide diversification within the portfolio to ensure no excessive dependence on the performance of any one geographical market
  5. Target those areas of the stamp market, and the kind of rarities, showing the most demand right now
  6. Include stamps where I feel current catalogue values are below fair market values based on demand comparative to rarity
  7. Are available at a discount of up to 22% against listed catalogue values, providing a margin of safety

 I have produced five portfolios in total.

The quality, rarity and value within each portfolio should be self-evident.

All you need to do is click on each link below to find out why…

£5,000 Portfolio

£10,000 Portfolio

£20,000 Portfolio

£50,000 Portfolio

£100,000 Portfolio

There is, however, one thing I have to warn you about…

A warning about this investment

The only problem with this investment is that there’s a limited amount available. Investing in rare stamps is not like buying a blue chip stock like BP or Procter & Gamble.

Each investment portfolio is unique and there can only be one owner.

It’s happened over and over again in the past few years where I have multiple buyers, but can only sell to one buyer.

It’s time to follow Rule No.1

To secure your defensive rare stamps investment portfolio, please e-mail me at Let me know which portfolio you want to go for, and I will immediately reserve it for you.

You can also speak to us by phone on +44(0)1534 639998.

Once you have secured your investment, you can sit back and relax in the comfort of knowing your money is safe in a rare tangible asset with a history of appreciating in value since the Victorian era.

All the best for a safe and successful 2021.

Kind regards

Mike Hall

CEO, Just Collecting/Paul Fraser Collectibles

PS. I am willing to offer FREE secure storage and specialist third party insurance cover, on any of these portfolios. That way you can invest without any hassle of worrying about the security of your valuable assets.

That said, most of our clients are more interested in the pride and joy of ownership of such tiny pieces of artwork and less interested in financial returns. The choice is yours…

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