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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2019-02-01 13:21:00

FREE Framed Presentation Penny Black with your first investment

Please spare a couple of minutes and allow me to share details with you of our starter investment portfolio.

The portfolio has a total value of £9,850 ($13,194).

No portfolio of stamps could exclude the world’s first postage stamp…

So, when you purchase the starter portfolio we will send you a beautiful catalogue-quality framed penny black to start your collection worth £375 ($502), FREE.

It will give a touch of class to your office or to display at home…

And, serve as a reminder of your astute investment in a tangible asset.

It is an asset which quietly helped the mega-rich throughout history to protect and grow their wealth.

The list of famous stamp collectors is impressive. Some notable names include the British Royal Family, Franklin Roosevelt, the Rothschilds and Warren Buffett.

You too can join this elite group of individuals.

Take a minute to admire your FREE framed presentation penny black:

The Starter Investment Portfolio 

The recommended starter portfolio provides a balance between key collecting areas, spanning the seven continents of the British Empire.

The portfolio delivered growth in value over the past 10 years of 84%. The target growth rate of the portfolio over the next 5-10 years is 6-12% pa.

The allocation of the portfolio and historic performance is shown in the table below, including your FREE penny black:

Portfolio Composition


  • 34% of the portfolio
  • Portfolio includes three classic stamps from Great Britain always in demand amongst wide base of collectors, covering three monarchs (Queen Victoria, King George V and King Edward VII)
  • GB classic rare stamps have recorded long term growth rates over past 60 years - averaging c.10% compound per annum, although recent growth levels low
  • Target annual growth over next 10 years of 12% pa with the assumption market growth returns to long term normalised levels


  • 20% of portfolio
  • Portfolio includes two rare stamps: one from India and the other Bushire
  • Highest growth area of the market in past 10 years, with double-digit annual growth being commonplace
  • Target annual growth over next 10 years of 15% pa - based on assumption existing trend continues and may accelerate further with theme of increasing number of individuals entering the middle class bracket in Asia


  • 13% of portfolio
  • Portfolio includes a rare up-side down error of the most famous stamp from Australia, the “Kangaroo and Map”
  • Strong home economy exceeding annual growth targets
  • Target annual growth rate over next 10 years of 8% based on historic average growth rate


  • 9% of portfolio
  • Portfolio includes one extremely rare philatelic piece from Sudan
  • Africa is a key emerging economy, showing very strong growth rates in recent years
  • Target annual growth over next 10 years of 20% - supported by historic growth achieved in past 10 years, although accepting there is a higher risk this may not continue

 North America 

  • 14% of portfolio
  • Portfolio includes one classic rarity from Canada - a well-supported area of the market and famous for the quality of their stamp designs
  • Low risk allocation with North America showing long term stability in price appreciation, although slightly sluggish in recent years
  • Target annual growth over next 10 years of 6% - based on historic growth over past 10 years, continuing with potential to out-perform dependent on strength of home economy, leading to rising demand from new collectors entering the market

 South America 

  • 9% of portfolio
  • Portfolio includes one classic stamp from the Falkland Islands
  • A strongly contested part of the British Commonwealth market supported by a passionate base of specialist collectors
  • Target annual growth over next 10 years of 5% - supported by recent historic growth rates with potential for out-performance dependent on the number of new collectors entering the market, chasing the same rare items in fine quality to build a condition-conscious collection


  • 1% of portfolio
  • Comprises one scarce watermark inverted variety of a popular stamp from the British Antarctic Territory
  • A token addition to the portfolio to encapsulate all seven continents of the world in the collection
  • Target annual growth over next 10 years of 5% based on historic growth rate over past 10 years

You can view all the stamps in the starter portfolio by clicking on the link below:

Click to view the Starter Investment Portfolio

The 5 Golden Rules in selecting stamps for investment

The stamps within the portfolio all pass our stringent “5 Golden Rules” test for investment purposes: 

  1. Rarity – stamps where there are a small number of surviving examples or scarce in comparison to levels of demand 
  2. Quality – all stamps in the portfolio are of very fine to exceptional quality and well above average condition compared to typical examples 
  3. Price – current valuation not considered demanding in relation to rarity and quality, with plenty room for future price appreciation 
  4. Liquidity – stamps only selected in areas where there are wide collector bases and of appeal to a broad range of collectors 
  5. Authenticity – all stamps were purchased from reputable and trustworthy sources with clear provenance 

Some examples of the application of these golden rules in the starter portfolio…

There are only 53 known examples of the double overprint error block of four “Camel and Postman” stamps from Sudan.

The Canadian Queen Victoria’s Jubilee stamp is fresh, well centred with large part original gum and is seldom seen in such fine condition.

The GB King George V “Seahorse” stamp is arguably the highest quality stamp ever produced by Great Britain. Despite this, and the wide base of collectors for such stamps, it has shown negligible growth in value over the past 10 years. As such, it is a calculated bet that a price correction is justified and the current valuation presents excellent value in comparison to other famous stamps.

There are only a maximum 120 examples of the Indian stamp error included in the portfolio. It is expected the survival rate is much lower. India has a large base of passionate collectors, which is growing every year, providing a well-supported and liquid market.

All stamps are sold with the Paul Fraser Collectibles lifetime money-back guarantee of authenticity as a standard term of sale. Paul Fraser Collectibles has been trading successfully for the past 10 years and has strong asset backing to ensure this protection remains good for the next 10 years.


How do I secure the starter portfolio and FREE penny black?

Simply click reply to this email to intimate your interest in purchasing the starter portfolio for the price of £9,850.

In addition, we will send you a FREE framed penny black worth £375, bringing your total portfolio value to £10,225.

We will let you know whether the collection is still available and organise your purchase and necessary paperwork with proof of purchase and ownership.

You can then transfer funds, at which point you become the legal owner of the portfolio.

We are with you every step of the way…

We will provide you with a professional valuation and performance report each year so that you can track how your portfolio is growing in value.

When the time comes to sell, we will assist you in finding buyers for your stamps from our international base of collectors and investors to realise your investment.

What are your thoughts?

Are you ready to kick-start your investment in rare stamps with us?

I’m happy to jump on the phone if you have any questions.

I'm on +44(0)1534 639998.

I look forward to welcoming you to the fascinating world of stamp investment.

Kind regards


Mike Hall

CEO, Just Collecting

PS. I forgot to mention, we are also able to provide you with secure storage and insurance should you rather avoid the hassle of looking after your stamps during your holding period. 

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