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Black Penny Stamp

Lot 230: St. Kitts-Nevis 1938-50 1/2d to £1 black and brown, SG68a/77f

Lot 233: Trinidad and Tobago 1938-44 1c to $4.80 rose-carmine set of 14, SG246/2...

Lot 228: Seychelles 1952 45c purple-brown, SG166b

Lot 191: Great Britain 1971 1p Crimson SG X844c

Lot 200: Great Britain 1991 24p Bicentenary of Ordnance Survey, SG1578ea.

Lot 207: India 1855-1902 De La Rue issues 6a 8p die proof

Lot 226: Papua 1907 2d Black and violet SG40A

Lot 232: St. Vincent 1872-75 1d black, SG18

Lot 184: Great Britain 1966 4d Battle of Hastings (Ordinary). SG705var

Lot 186: Great Britain 1966 Queen Elizabeth II 4d British Birds (Ordinary), SG69...

Lot 196: Great Britain 1980 London QEII Errors & Vars (Unused) miniature sheet,...

Lot 205: Grenada 1951 King George VI Watermark Multiple Script CA, ½c to £2.50 s...

Lot 209: India, East India Company 1855-1902 De La Rue issues 1a and 2a die proo...

Lot 219: New South Wales 1856 3d 'Diadem', SG115

Lot 220: Niger Coast 1893 (Dec) 5s on 2d grey-green and carmine SG40

Lot 188: Great Britain 1967 4d British wild flowers. SG720c

Lot 169: Great Britain 1936 (Sept) 1½d Edward Vlll Coronation Essays, SG459

Lot 156: Great Britain 1915 5s Pale Carmine (worn plate) SG410

Lot 161: Great Britain 1924 2½d Blue (No Watermark). SG422a

Lot 130: Great Britain 1902 10s Ultramarine. SG265

Lot 168: Great Britain 1935 ½-2½s Silver Jubilee hand painted essay. SG453/6var

Lot 153: Great Britain 1915 2s6d Very deep brown SG405wj

Lot 236: Turks Islands 1881 4 on 6d black (type 29) surcharge, SG43

Lot 143: Great Britain 1911 King Edward VII £1 Deep green, SG320

Lot 144: Great Britain 1912 1d small head die proof

Lot 223: Northern Rhodesia Queen Elizabeth II 1953 (15 Sept) ½d to 20s rose-red...

Lot 224: Papua (British New Guinea) 1934 (6 Nov) 1d to 5d purple set of 4, SG146...

Lot 229: St. Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla 1952 (14 June) King George VI Water...