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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2020-10-02 15:53:40

A Fine Quality Example of one of the Rarest Stamps from Canada

This stamp is an enigma to me…

It is intriguing and extremely rare. 

I have a strong feeling this one won’t be with me for long. You will want to add this to your collection.

Here’s why… 

  • It is so rare, this is only the second time I have ever handled a mint example of this stamp
  • It is a stamp usually only found in poor condition and I was very excited to find this one in such fine mint condition
  • It is a major rarity of the world
  • It comes from Canada, one of the most popular and respected stamp issuing countries of the world
  • There is a mystery behind the very existence of this stamp and why it was issued
  • I am able to sell this stamp to you today at a remarkably low price. Because of its rarity and desirability, it is “great value”.

As I said, this stamp is somewhat unusual…

The Mystery behind this Stamp

It is a Victorian stamp from the Province of Canada (what is now Ontario and Quebec).

Peculiarly, it shows a portrait of not Queen Victoria, but her husband, Prince Albert.

Canada (including Newfoundland) was the only country in the world to include the effigy of Prince Albert on a stamp.

It is a philatelic enigma why they chose to do this.

Here it is…

Canada 1852-57, handmade wove paper, 6d slate-violet (slate grey) mint, Prince Albert, SG9.

A Brief History 

Let me give you some background on how this stamp came to be issued…

In 1851, the British Crown transferred authority to the Province of Canada to manage its own postal system.

Sandford Fleming designed the first Canadian postage stamp issued on April 23, 1851.

Canada were non-conformist when it came to their first stamp issue. It didn’t include the Monarch (Queen Victoria) on the first stamp.

Instead, the Threepenny Beaver, depicted (no surprise) a beaver. It was the first stamp anywhere to picture an animal.

Canada's first stamp

Although in 1851 Canada was still recognised as only a colony and not a country, philatelists still consider this to be Canada’s first stamp.

That same year, two other postage stamps were produced for international mail. One was the 12d black bearing the image of Queen Victoria, the other was the 6d featuring Prince Albert. 

The portrait of Prince Albert on the 6d stamp was from a drawing by William Drummond Esq.

All three stamps were printed by a New York printing firm, Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson. They were considered one of the most advanced printers of their time. The security features integrated within their design and printing were identical to those used in the production of bank notes.

The 6d Prince Albert stamps were mainly used to pay the half ounce rate to the US. Some are, however, found on domestic mail. Mint examples are rarely found, especially in fine condition.

The first issues of 1851 were made on laid paper and were widely criticised for not sticking to letters when moistened. In 1852, the printers switched to wove paper.

We know how this stamp came to be, but the big question is why Canada included Prince Albert on a stamp when no other country did? If I find out the answer, I will be sure to let you know.

The Best Quality Example I Have Handled

Ok, to be fair, this is only the second mint example of the 6d Prince Albert stamp I have ever handled. It is, however, the best of the two and much better quality than most examples out there. Here’s 5 reasons why this example is so appealing…

  • Most examples were used and few survive in unused condition
  • These stamps were before perforations and cut from the printing sheets with scissors. Because of this, finding examples with four good margins is very challenging. Most examples I see have three margins only or thin margins all round. This example, however, has four good to large margins, which is most pleasing.
  • It is rare to find mint examples of this stamp with any original gum on the back. This example has original gum, albeit it has been re-distributed.
  • It is a good quality impression with nice colour, which is not always the case with early printing methods
  • In summary, it is a very collectible example of this exceptionally rare stamp and in better condition than most surviving examples

Available for you today at a great price

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue price for this rarity is £45,000. My price is just £5,950, a discount of 87%.

Wait a minute, I hear you say, “that sounds too good to be true?”.

Well, in part, I must admit it is.

The truth is, whilst my example of the 6d Prince Albert stamp is much better quality than most, it has a few minor defects.

It does have a faint horizontal crease and a very small thin. As such, it doesn’t quite meet the grade of SG catalogue quality.

But, it is surely not deserving of such a large discount to catalogue value?

I have looked back over past auction realisations and there are very few comparable examples.

The last mint example I could find sold at an auction in Canada in 2018 for $12,000, including buyer’s premium.

And that was a much poorer quality example with only 3 margins, no gum and evident staining.

As such, I am absolutely clear, my much superior quality example is offered to you today for a very fair price.

Don’t miss out

To summarise:

  • The stamps of Canada are among the most popularly collected stamps anywhere in the world. I personally think that Canada is responsible for having produced a large number of stamp designs of pure excellence and the quality of printing is also very high.
  • The SG9 6d Prince Albert stamp in mint condition is extremely difficult to find and you won’t get many chances in a lifetime to buy one.
  • The stamp represents something of an enigma uniquely featuring Queen Victoria’s beloved Prince Albert making it a fascinating stamp issue
  • I offer this to you today at an 87% discount to SG catalogue price and great value at a price of £5,950 compared to the SG catalogue price of £45,000
  • It has proved to be a sound investment. The SG catalogue value has increased by 150% over the past 10 years (15% per annum)

To secure this classic and extraordinary rare stamp at today’s price, please e-mail me at

 Click here to buy now

Or call me immediately on +44(0)1534 639998.

Prince Albert is widely regarded as the architect of the modern monarchy. This is a great piece of miniature history to hold as a worthy commemoration of his wide and positive influence within Victorian Britain.

Kind regards

Mike Hall

CEO, Just Collecting 

PS. This rare stamp depicting Prince Albert represents a historical marker. Prince Albert died of illness at the age of 42 in 1861, just 4 years after this stamp issue was taken out of circulation. The nation’s outpouring of grief at that time, was never seen again until the untimely death of Princess Diana 136 years later.

PPS. The stamp comes with an independent certificate of authenticity, dated 2018, from Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Centre of Canada. Your peace of mind, is my peace of mind.Enjoyed this email? You may also like:

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