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Postage stamps


Ireland 2005 Butterflies WWF set MUH

Iceland 1978 Painting MUH

Hungary 1983 Olympics MS

Hong Kong 2013 Buses MS x 2

Malaysia 2011 Joint Indonesia MS

Germany - Berlin 1978 Aviation set

French Polynesia 1976 Piragues (Canoes) set

Cook Islands 1981 Royal Wedding

Austria 1981 WIPA Mini Sheet

Australia $10 Gardens Mint Never Hinged

Bushire 1915 (Sept) Coronation 3ch deep green, SG17

Bermuda 1938-53 5s dull yellow-green and red/yellow, SG118b/bd/be

Barbados 1920-21 'Victory' 1s black and bright green, SG209a

Great Britain 1882 £5 Orange (Plate 1), Unmounted Mint SG137

South Africa Official 1929-31 6d green and orange SGO9/a/b

South Africa 1987 40c Word of God complete sheet

Penny Black mint block of 12

Great Britain 1854 6d Dull lilac (watermark reversed), SG59, Unmounted Mint

Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 9, SG2, Unmounted Mint

Great Britain 1841 2d violet blue plate 4, SG15aa, Unmounted Mint

Aden 1949 Royal Silver Wedding 1½a and 10r SG30/1

1840 Penny Black (GB) Plate 3 SUPERB four margin Tiny Envelope Contrary to Regul...