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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2020-09-08 09:21:08

7 top-quality examples of British stamp classics appearing in our online auction

When it comes to the collectibles market, I much prefer to stick to the classics.

By way of comparison, when it comes to popular music, you can’t go wrong with The Beatles.

The Beatles have proven they are above fashion and changing musical tastes. They are “the original band” and therefore their autographs and memorabilia will always be in the most demand and will command the highest prices. 

It is for this same basic reason I believe you can’t go wrong sticking to British classic stamps. 

Britain was the first country to issue stamps meaning they have a special place in the hearts of collectors all over the world. 

You don’t need to be British to have heard of the penny black but, unless you happen to collect them, you probably need to be German to have heard of the Schwarzer Einser.

There are 3 key reasons why I think you should buy the classics from Great Britain right now… 

  1. The classics don’t go out of fashion. They have enduring appeal. 
  2. They have a wider base of potential buyers. The classics are most likely to draw attention of the wealthy buyers. 
  3. Over the long term, they have shown strong, stable rates of growth in value. Average growth rates have stalled in the past decade, and now the classics are looking very good value. 

The pricing mechanism of rare stamps is very straightforward…

Rare stamps are not like other traditional areas you can invest your money where prices can often be irrational and volatile. 

Rare stamp price movements are a simple case of supply and demand. We know their supply is limited and can only decline, so prices are demand-driven.

According to a recent analysis by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), millionaires currently hold nearly half of all global wealth. They also predict that the total number of millionaires around the world will increase from 22.1 million to 27.6 million by 2023.

The greatest concentration of millionaires continues to be in the US, but BCG projects Asia will see the fastest growth in its millionaire population. Bloomberg expects the number of Asian billionaires will rise by 27% to 1,003 by 2023.

Asian wealthy individuals are well known for their passion for owning collectibles and trophy assets.

This is a lot of potential spending power chasing a few rare items. 

In my view, the next 10 years could see significant rises in the prices of British rare stamp classics. 

How you can buy rare British stamp classics before the next price rises

I have picked out for you 7 classic stamp rarities from Great Britain currently featuring in our online auction.

These are all famous stamp issues, instantly recognisable and desirable to collectors. 

Take a look at the table below. These are classics I recommend buying right now…

Between 2000 and 2010, this collection of classic British stamp rarities increased in value by 155%.

Between 2010 and 2020 growth has stalled almost completely with increase in value of just 5%.

Because of the underperformance in the past 10 years, I think they now look undervalued.

If you managed to win these stamps in our auction at the lower estimate, even with the buyer’s premium, you would still secure these classic rarities at less than half the current SG catalogue values.

Also, these are all very fine quality examples of these classics. They are in the highest condition grade.

Whether you are a collector or an investor, an opportunity to buy such quality classics at these prices is worth pursuing.

Obviously, you may find you have competition from other bidders and won’t manage to win these stamps at the lower estimates.

Frankly, you would still be doing very well indeed if you won these items at the higher estimate or even above. Even if you bid up to 20% over the higher estimate, you will still be buying at around 35% below SG catalogue values.

And now, let’s take a look at the classics 

1. One of the earliest usages of the world’s first postage stamp

1840 1d intense black, plate 1a, 8th of May cover, SG1

SG catalogue value: £9,000

Current bid required: £2,400

Bid now!


  • A very fine used four margin example lettered SF, neatly tied to an entire cover by a red Maltese Cross
  • Addressed to Warwick with a “TP/High Holborn Ec” receiving handstamp alongside adhesive and a superb London circular date stamp for MY.8.1840 on reverse
  • A magnificent quality early “May Date” cover, very rare and desirable early usage of the first printing of the world’s first postage stamp
  • Accompanied with a clear 2008 British Philatelic Society (BPA) certificate of authenticity

2. The finest quality used pair of “tuppenny blues” you are likely to ever see

 1840 2d pale blue, plate 1, very fine used pair, SG6

SG catalogue value: £2,000

Current bid required: £500

Bid now!


  • A very fine used good to huge four margin horizontal pair lettered JJ-JK, neatly cancelled by crisp Maltese Crosses
  • The two penny blue was issued at the same time as the penny black and shares the accolade of being one of the world’s first two postage stamps and is 10 times rarer than the penny black
  • The pale blue colour variety of the original two penny blue is scarce as a multiple
  • Rarely seen in such splendid condition, particularly as a pair


3. A rare multiple of the 1854 Embossed stamps

1854 1s pale green (Die W.W.2), used block of four, SG54

SG catalogue value: £4,000

Current bid required: £1,000

Bid now!


  • A very fine used good to huge four margin block of four neatly tied to a small piece, cancelled by neat strikes of the Sheffield “700” numeral and U.S “PAID” cancellation in red
  • An attractive quality multiple, hardly ever seen with such good margins
  • This rare multiple sent to the U.S. represents a landmark in postal history signifying the Victorian communications revolution going global
  • The production process of embossed stamps was laborious with each stamp being printed one at a time on silk thread paper. The printing process was deemed not fit for purpose and was replaced with surface printing seven years later.


4. A very fine example of my favourite Victorian surface printed stamp

1882 5s rose, plate 4 (blued paper), SG130

SG catalogue value: £4,000

Current bid required: £1,200

Bid now!


  • A very fine used and well centred example lettered FD, neatly cancelled by a Braemar circular date stamp for AU.31.1883
  • A rare printing plate on blued paper
  • An iconic Queen Victorian surface printed stamp with particularly lovely colour and scarcely found in such fine condition
  • The 5 shilling rose epitomises the quality of stamps produced during the Victorian era

5. The highest value pre-decimal stamp ever to be issued

 1882 £5 Orange, plate 1, SG137

SG catalogue value: £3,500

Current bid required: £2,000

Bid now!


  • A very fine used example lettered DK, neatly cancelled by a Chester circular date stamp for NO.10.1899
  • A most attractive used example of the stamp regarded by many philatelists as the holy grail of British stamp collecting
  • The current SG catalogue value of a fine used £5 orange is £3,500. Until recently, the price was £4,750. My view is this iconic British rarity is currently seriously undervalued.

6. King Edward VII Controversial Long One Pound Stamp

 1902 £1 dull blue green, SG266

SG catalogue value: £3,500

Current bid required: £650

Bid now!


  • A very fine and fresh unused SG catalogue quality example with full original gum printed by De La Rue
  • Stamps issued during the short reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910) have long been a very popular area of British stamp collecting
  • This most distinctive and memorable stamp design caused controversy at the time because of its unusual shape and size. It is now argued by some as being the most attractive definitive stamp issue of King Edward VII’s reign.

7. A truly stunning quality rare multiple watermark variety of Britain’s most adored stamp design

 1915 2s6d yellow brown (watermark reversed) block of four, SG406wj

SG catalogue value: £7,200

Current bid required: £2,400

Bid now!


  • Exceptionally fine and fresh, well centred, unmounted mint with full original gum, in a block of four, printed by De La Rue
  • A rare watermark reversed variety of the famous King George V “Seahorses”, which is very scarce as a multiple
  • The “Seahorses” stamp issue is commonly considered the pinnacle of British stamp design and quality engraving
  • It has historical importance, representing a miniature piece of propaganda during World War I as a sign of defiance and boasting Britain’s naval dominance at the time

Your chance to own the British Classics Collection

To summarise: 

  • Seven classic British philatelic rarities which provide an excellent definitive collection of the most famous of Britain’s early stamp issues
  • All items are of SG catalogue quality or above adding further to their scarcity value
  • If you manage to secure these rarities in our auction at the lower estimate, you will pay less than 50% of the SG catalogue prices
  • After a decade of minimal growth, British classic stamp rarities are now looking undervalued 

You can bid directly on the online auction by following the links against each featured item above.

Alternatively, let us know your maximum bids. That would represent the highest price you are willing to pay. We would only bid up to that level on your behalf.

In the absence of competition, you could win your stamps at prices below your maximum bids.

The auction closes on 10th September at 7pm.

You will need to place your bids before that deadline, or you will miss your chance.

To take advantage of this opportunity, either: 

  1. Reply to this e-mail today
  2. Call us on +44(0)1534 639998
  3. Message us to +44(0)7700702962

We look forward to helping you purchase top quality British stamp rarities at what may prove to be the last opportunity at these price levels.

Kind regards

Mike Hall CEO Just Collecting Limited

PS. If the British stamp classics collection is over your budget, don’t worry. Simply drop us a line on what your budget is and we will advise you on the items within your budget we recommend you place bids on. Alternatively, we can agree with you which stamps you want to bid on and then we can place bids for you.

We don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to purchase top quality rare stamps at significant discounts to SG catalogue values.


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