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Lot 55: President Abraham Lincoln Bedroom Wallpaper

Lot 54: President George Washington Autographed Lottery Ticket

Lot 1397: Collection of political buttons

Lot 187: White House Bricks White House Bricks

Lot 178: Harry S. Truman Signature

Lot 183: Truman, Johnson, and Nixon Signature

Lot 158: Richard Nixon Typed Signed Letter

Lot 162: Nancy Reagan Letters

Lot 173: Theodore Roosevelt Signature

Lot 193: Texas: Sam Houston Signature

Lot 186: Donald Trump Handwritten Signed Note

Lot 188: White House Christmas Cards Collection

Lot 192: Texas: David G. Burnet Signed Document

Lot 159: Richard Nixon Typed Signed Letter

Lot 160: Richard Nixon Golf Ball

Lot 168: Ronald Reagan Signed Photo

Lot 146: Herbert Hoover Doodles and Notes

Lot 154: [Abraham Lincoln] Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 157: Richard Nixon Typed Signed Letter

Lot 148: Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson Engraving

Lot 127: Barack Obama Golf Score Card

Lot 144: U. S. Grant Endorsement

Lot 145: Rutherford B. Hayes Signed Document

Lot 191: Texas: Stephen F. Austin Signed Document

Lot 194: Texas: Mirabeau B. Lamar Signed Document

Lot 190: Jacob Broom Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 135: Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Group lot

Lot 137: Bill Clinton Group Lot

Lot 138: Bill Clinton Book

Lot 189: Robert R. Livingston Handwritten Signed Letter