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Lot 191: Woodrow Wilson WH card

Lot 194: Jonathan Trumbull Signed Document

Lot 177: Ronald Reagan Magazine

Lot 186: Donald Trump Book

Lot 189: White House Fabric Swatch

Lot 166: Richard Nixon Signature on Letter

Lot 167: Richard Nixon Group lot

Lot 160: Lyndon B. Johnson Typed Signed Note

Lot 131: Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford Engravings

Lot 149: First Ladies Typed Signed Letters

Lot 157: Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson Signed Photo

Lot 159: Lyndon B. Johnson Typed Signed Letter

Lot 195: Matthew Thornton Signed Document

Lot 156: James A. Garfield Free Frank

Lot 109: Donald Trump Typed Signed Letter

Lot 113: James Buchanan Free Frank

Lot 83: Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Signed Letter

Lot 86: Jacqueline Kennedy Typed Signed Letter

Lot 98: Richard Nixon Souvenir Typescript

Lot 193: US Constitution Signers Group Lot

Lot 187: Donald Trump Book

Lot 192: Woodrow Wilson Envelope

Lot 182: Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Signed Letter

Lot 185: Harry S. Truman Free Frank

Lot 190: Woodrow Wilson Signed Document

Lot 181: Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Cover

Lot 188: Donald Trump Book

Lot 161: John F. Kennedy Invitation and Ticket

Lot 173: Presidents Group Lot

Lot 175: Ronald Reagan Typed Signed Letter