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Freddie mercury pin queen band rockstar enamel jewelry

Anti Donald trump poop emoji metal enamel pin

Tura Satana lapel pin enamel jewelry

little shop of horrors audrey 2 pin venus flytrap

Lot 262: Women's Suffrage Button, Circa 1912 - The ''Clarion'' Button With Six S...

Lot 109: Delegate Badge for Theodore Roosevelt's 1912 Progressive Party - The Fi...

Lot 113: Samuel Tilden Campaign Ferrotype From the 1876 Presidential Election -...

Lot 106: Alfred E. Neuman 1940 Campaign Button ''Supporting'' the New Deal

Lot 108: Theodore Roosevelt ''Ghost'' Button From the 1904 Presidential Campaign...

Lot 69: Secret Service Badge for George H.W. Bush's 1989 Inauguration

Lot 265: Leadville Police

Lot 312: Bat Masterson

Lot 290: Headstock Badges for Alcyon, Savoiarde

Lot 263: Leeds Albion Cycling Club lapel badge, with a silvered finish and blue...

Lot 262: Reigate Bicycle Club lapel badge, being a gilt and blue enamel badge in...

Lot 254: London Bicycle Club A circular medallion with the badge of the L.B.C

Lot 909: Sean Flynn

Northern Soul Badges

Artistic Seagull Badge

Whale Brooch For Sale

Renault Badges through time set

Lot 18: A collection pin badge relating to the 1970's.

Lot 420: A collection of forty small badges