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TUVA/Tuva Arat Republic obsolete Passport issued in 1939

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Very rare original Third Reich passport for a Jewish Woman

Walt Disney in his 1965 passport with iconic signature

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French Actor Depardieu Russian Passport

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varied lot of militaria belong to Major Robert Collie MBE

Earliest Passport Captain William Bradshagh 1641 by Charles I

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Famous American TV Evangelists, Rex Humbard \'s Passport

Frankie Howerd, O.B.E. (1917-92). Passport sold Feb \'13

Farrah Fawcett twice signed passport

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Alice Cooper\'s Passport on Passport-collector.com

Alice Cooper passport United States issued

1955 Golf star Jim Barnes United States Passport

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USA issued Unsold Whitney Houston Passport from 1979

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