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Music memorabilia


Lot 627: Beyonce RIAA Sales Record

Lot 629: Whitney Houston Signature

Lot 563: Van Cliburn Group Lot

Lot 608: Ricky Nelson Signed Document

Lot 610: Carl Perkins Signed Photo

Lot 613: The Ramones Signed Photo

Lot 604: Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page Signed Photo

Lot 607: The Monkees Signatures

Lot 603: Jethro Tull Signatures

Lot 589: David Bowie Signature

Lot 573: Edith Piaf Signed photo

Lot 592: Eric Clapton Album

Lot 594: Dire Straits Album

Lot 560: Maria Callas Signature

Lot 552: ABBA Album

Lot 554: Michael Jackson Signature

Lot 551: U2 45 single

Lot 533: David Bowie Typed Signed Letter

Lot 534: Eric Clapton Signed Document

Lot 545: Oasis: Noel Gallagher Lyrics

Lot 527: Beatles Signed Photo

Lot 531: Beatles: Paul McCartney Signed Photo

Lot 526: Beatles Signatures

Lot 522: Miles Davis and Max Roach Pamphlet

Lot 617: Simon and Garfunkel Signatures

Lot 605: Loverboy Albums

Lot 612: R.E.M. Signed Photo

Lot 615: Paul Simon RIAA Sales Record

Lot 622: Velvet Undergound: Nico Signature

Lot 601: Jazz, Blues, and Rock Group Lot