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Music memorabilia


Lot 633: Dee Dee Ramone Bass Guitar

Lot 50: Frank Sinatra Christmas Ribbon, Personally Owned by Sinatra

Lot 49: 'Queen The Complete Works'' Autographed by All Four Band Members

Lot 47: Demi Lovato Concert-Worn Outfit, Signed by the Superstar

Lot 52: Fun Memento Owned by Frank Sinatra, His Personal Set of Matches for the...

Lot 45: David Bowie Signed Album Cover of ''Aladdin Sane''

Lot 53: Sarah Vaughan Lot of Signed Contracts & Items From Her Company

Lot 51: Frank Sinatra Personally Owned Christmas Mug

Lot 48: Jimmy Page Signed Limited Edition of ''ZoSo'', His Photographic Autobiog...

Lot 46: Sheryl Crow Personally Owned & Worn Halter Dress

Lot 44: Beatles Concert Ticket From 1965

Lot 965: Neil Young Album

Lot 967: ZZ Top Album

Lot 933: The Police Album

Lot 960: Tom Verlaine Albums

Lot 912: John Mellencamp Albums

Lot 948: Smashing Pumpkins CD

Lot 954: David Sylvian Group Lot

Lot 925: Trey Parker Sketch

Lot 944: Pete Seeger Albums

Lot 909: Barry Manilow Albums

Lot 937: Lou Reed Programs

Lot 898: The Jam Album

Lot 902: Elton John Album

Lot 908: Seth MacFarlane Sketch

Lot 888: Harrison Ford Album

Lot 890: Peter Gabriel Albums

Lot 956: James Taylor Albums

Lot 878: Johnny Cash Signed Photo

Lot 880: Robert De Niro Signed Photo