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Music memorabilia


Lot 809: Bruce Springsteen Signed Photo

Lot 826: Michael Jackson Album

Lot 815: Tina Turner Album flat

Lot 822: Ramones Photo

Lot 811: Sly Stone Sketch

Lot 812: Styx Album

Lot 800: Lou Reed Poster

Lot 801: The Righteous Brothers Album

Lot 805: Ravi Shankar Signed Photo

Lot 806: Sky Album

Lot 794: Tom Petty CD booklet

Lot 780: Jerry Lee Lewis Poster

Lot 786: Metallica Album

Lot 792: Nice Program

Lot 791: Rick Nelson Group lot

Lot 761: Gerry and the Pacemakers Promo Card

Lot 778: The Knack Album

Lot 748: Eric Clapton Poster

Lot 728: Frank Sinatra Test Pressing

Lot 724: Cole Porter TLS

Lot 705: U2 Album

Lot 710: The Who Signatures

Lot 719: Big Sid Catlett Signed Photo

Lot 701: Queen Program

Lot 696: Oasis: Noel Gallagher Handwritten Lyrics

Lot 680: Beatles: Paul McCartney Greeting Card

Lot 695: Bob Marley Album

Lot 666: Giuseppe Verdi AMQS

Lot 669: George Gershwin Book

Lot 830: Michael Jackson Sales Award