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Lot 877: Reggae Albums

Lot 902: The Who: Daltrey and Townshend Album

Lot 898: Alex Van Halen Albums

Lot 890: The Supremes: Ross and Wilson Albums

Lot 882: Roxy Music Album

Lot 885: Simon and Garfunkel Album

Lot 886: Simple Minds Album

Lot 894: John Travolta Signed Photos

Lot 884: The Sex Pistols Album

Lot 881: Sonny Rollins Albums

Lot 883: Scorpions Album

Lot 852: The Jam Album

Lot 854: Elton John Album

Lot 857: Mike Judge Sketch

Lot 848: Genesis Album

Lot 849: Matt Groening Sketch

Lot 810: 1980s Actresses Group Lot

Lot 818: Ryan Adams Signed Photos

Lot 829: Chuck Berry Signed Photos

Lot 833: Tim Burton Sketch

Lot 845: Folk Rock Albums

Lot 874: Queensyrche Signed Photos

Lot 873: Punk Rock Albums

Lot 876: Lou Reed Albums

Lot 867: Trey Parker Sketch

Lot 870: Pink Floyd: Roger Waters Albums

Lot 859: Lead Singers Group Lot

Lot 838: Deep Purple Album

Lot 840: The Eagles Album

Lot 850: Guitarists Group Lot