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Lot 7085: Greta Garbo Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7086: Charlie Chaplin Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 755: Johnny Weissmuller Print

Lot 742: Christopher Reeve Signed Photo

Lot 745: Henry Ringling Check

Lot 726: Stan Laurel typed signed letter

Lot 732: Marilyn Monroe Photo

Lot 735: Marilyn Monroe Photo

Lot 737: Paul Newman Signed Photo

Lot 711: Diana Dors Signed Photo

Lot 713: Clark Gable Check

Lot 719: Gloria Grahame Signed Photo

Lot 720: Jim Henson Signed photo

Lot 701: Louise Brooks Signature

Lot 704: Child Stars Signed photos

Lot 696: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Signed Photo

Lot 699: Joan Bennett typed signed letter

Lot 756: Mae West Signed Photo

Lot 729: Marilyn Monroe Photo

Lot 730: Marilyn Monroe Photo

Lot 733: Marilyn Monroe Photo

Lot 744: Charles Ringling Check

Lot 727: Vivien Leigh typed signed letter

Lot 728: Marilyn Monroe Photo

Lot 750: Star Wars: Carrie Fisher Signed Photo

Lot 752: Tarzan and Hercules Group lot

Lot 723: Grace Kelly Signed Photo

Lot 740: Vincent Price Signed photo

Lot 736: Marilyn Monroe: Bert Stern Photographs

Lot 738: Gregory Peck Signed Photo