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Lot 9543: Bob Kane Signed Check

Lot 9539: John Travolta Signed Poster

Lot 9547: Jerry Siegel Signed Comic Book

Lot 9511: Marlon Brando Typed Letter Signed

Lot 9524: Star Wars: Mark Hamill Signed Storybook

Lot 9529: John Belushi Signed Photograph

Lot 9501: Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Original Photograph

Lot 9497: Marilyn Monroe 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' Title Lobby Card

Lot 9422: Harrison Ford Signed Photograph

Lot 9416: Clint Eastwood Signed Photograph

Lot 9421: Harrison Ford Signed Photograph

Lot 9348: Monty Python Signed Album

Lot 9544: Stan Lee Signed Comic Book

Lot 9526: Group of (3) Western Hollywood Vintage Original Photo Albums

Lot 9531: Matt Damon Signed Photograph

Lot 9542: Matt Groening Signed Book

Lot 9538: Luke Perry Signed Photograph

Lot 9509: Cary Grant Original Photograph by Ernst Haas

Lot 9512: Audrey Hepburn Screen-Worn Waistcoat from Gardens of the World

Lot 9503: Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum Original Photograph

Lot 9505: Marilyn Monroe Original Photograph

Lot 9490: Kate Winslet Signed Photograph

Lot 9458: Jack Nicholson Signed Photograph

Lot 9428: Mel Gibson Signed Photograph

Lot 9535: Game of Thrones: Clarke and Momoa Signed Script Cover

Lot 9537: Sam Kinison Live Performance Tape

Lot 9536: Tom Hanks Signed Photograph

Lot 9540: The X-Files Group of (4) Props

Lot 9546: Charles Schulz Signed Book with Sketch

Lot 9498: Marilyn Monroe 'Niagara' Title Lobby Card