'Why these rare autographs could be the best cheques you'll ever cash'



2015-06-26 12:42:56

'Why these rare autographs could be the best cheques you'll ever cash'

From Neil Armstrong to Marilyn Monroe and Charles Dickens, signed cheques are great assets...

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When you deal with Paul Fraser Collectibles, you can benefit from the combined knowledge of our Collectibles Expert Panel - totalling 250 years of experience in dealing with high-end collectibles.

Our experts can offer you advice on all sorts of things. Whether it's the importance of quality and authenticity when choosing a collectible...

Or the importance of rarity and condition.

But there's another factor which can prove invaluable if you're looking for a collectible that willlikely prove itself as a great asset in future years.

I'm talking about the personal touch

For example, one of the exclusive articles in our newsletter this week is about Oliver Hardy. Hardy, one of the greatest cinema legends of the early-20th century, was born today in history on January 18, 1892.

Various Oliver Hardy collectibles have emerged on the markets in past years. But few are quite as personal as this: a rare signed document relating to Hardy's divorce.

This rare manuscript includes details of Hardy's ex wife's follow-up suit for more alimony. Apparently, Hardy had fallen behind on his payments...

This signed document relating to legendary American comedian Oliver Hardy's divorce is among the rare 'personal collectibles' that we havefor sale

Collectibles like these offer you a fascinating insight into the 'real person' behind the Hollywood legend. This is partly why they are so valued and coveted.

The best cheque you'll ever cash...

Rare cheques signed by history's celebrities are another great example. I was reminded of this by news today that dozens of personal cheques signed by former US presidents, authors and other famous people will be put on display by a bank in Ohio, US.

Cheques may not sound all that personal. But they often reveal interesting things about the celebrity in question...

One of the cheques being displayed in Ohio was signed by Abraham Lincoln on April 13, 1865. This was the day before he was shot by John Wilkes Booth. It was made out for $800 and Lincoln addressed it to "self".

The timing of the cheque can be very important. Like, for instance,the cheque signed by Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong just moments before he blasted off to become the first man on the moon.

Armstrong's rare signed cheque brought $27,350 in an online sale in 2010. This was more than 50 times its original pre-sale estimate.

The cheque was actually originally worth just $10.50 in 1969. "But don't cash it, because I will be coming back," said Armstrong at the time...

How's that for an incredible piece of history?

A celebrity signed cheque with enough intrigue behind it can have plenty ofappeal tocollectors who are eager to 'get a slice of the action'. And we have a couple of great examples which can be yours to own today...

The first is a Coutts bank cheque dated "Twenty Seventh June, 1861" in Charles Dickens' own handwriting. Again, look at the timing... This cheque was penned just two months before the final part of Dickens' masterwork, Great Expectations, was first published.

This bank cheque featuring the autograph of author Charles Dickens was signed just two months before the final instalment of Great Expectations - we have it for sale here

Another rare manuscript cheque we have for sale was signed by everyone's favourite Hollywood starlet, Marilyn Monroe. The cheque is payable to Sutton Wines & Liquors, Inc for a sum of $8.81, dated September 15, 1957.

This bank cheque autographed by the Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe is also for sale at Paul Fraser Collectibles - click here to find out more

Historic cheques like these are highly sought-after. I mean, consider that Neil Armstrong's signature sold for more than 50 times its estimate in 2010...

Or that the average market values of Dickens' and Monroe's autographs have risen by 396.9% and 128.8% respectively over the last 11 years. The price histories say it all.

Also bear in mind quality, authenticity, rarity, condition and - of course - timing. With these factors, a celebrity signed cheque could be the best cheque you'll ever cash.

Fancy something a bit different - how about this cheque signed by Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald? We have it for sale here

Find out how you can benefit from investing in rare celebrity-signed autographs, manuscripts and cheques by contacting our experts at:

+44 (0) 117933 9503


All the best, until next week


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