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Top 10 Weird & Wonderful Collecting Sites

2015-06-26 13:08:48  0  Likes 0  Comments

Top 10 Weird & Wonderful Collecting Sites

The Paul Fraser Collectibles staff have voted. Presenting our top 10 weird and wonderful collecting sites

Need a break from that spreadsheet?

The Top 10 Weird & Wonderful Collecting Sites on the internet - as chosen by the team at Paul Fraser Collectibles - could be just the ticket.

Just make sure the boss doesn't catch you, we won't be held responsible

  1. Bad Postcards

A well designed and often amusing blog about collecting vintage American postcards.

  1. Museum of the Weird

Providing plenty of news that has to be seen to be believed - it also has a sensationally strange museum, based in Austin, Texas.

  1. The Last Tuesday Society

London's leading curiosity shop, which is best understood as an attempt to recreate a 17th century Wunderkabinett. It also hosts esoteric lectures and events.

  1. Jade Doskow's World's Fair project

Photographer Jade Doskow is responsible for this photo series depicting the sites of World's Fairs past. The result shows how quickly we move from one thing to another, all but forgetting that some of the most important and prestigious collections in the world were housed within these structures, albeit temporarily.

  1. Wikicollecting

A veritable treasure trove of collecting information, as well as news stories and some very enlightening top 10s.

  1. Wellcome Collection

London's world renowned Wellcome Collection hosts some of the most intriguing exhibitions and events in Britain. Its permanent Medicine Man collection (compiled by founder Henry Wellcome 1853-1936) features diagnostic dolls, Japanese sex toys and Napoleon's toothbrush.

  1. A Collection a Day

A Collection a Day documents every day in 2010 in terms of collectibles. For 365 days Lisa Congdon posted an image of a different collection, some her own, but many belonging to others - shining a light on people's wide ranging and often idiosyncratic collecting tastes.

  1. Mondo Video

Mondo are the new kids on the block in terms of producing limited edition movie posters for bothclassic and contemporary films. New pieces usually sell out within hours.

  1. Picollecta

Picollecta is a fantastic new photo sharing website that enablesyou toconnect with like minded collectors and shareyour favourite images, items fromyour collection, news stories, auction lotsand opinions. With just one click of the 'pic it' button you can upload images from any URL that you come across. Be warned... it's very addictive!

  1. Undying Faces

Spooky blog devoted to collecting death masks. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Goebbels and Marie Antoinette are all present, as is a wealth of information as to how death masks are produced and a number of useful links for the intrepid death mask enthusiast, making this a rare (and somewhat chilling) resource.

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