'Three top investment strategies: dream, drive and determination'



2015-06-26 12:01:51

'Three top investment strategies: dream, drive and determination'

Why dream, drive and determination - and determination to succeed - are crucial to investment success

They all have their dream, drive to achieve it, and determination to succeed whatever the odds. The world looks better to them; it is like us going to watch the latest 3D movie 'Avatar', where the virtual world becomes very real. They have no 'fear of failure'... they embrace it as part of the process of lasting success.

'Fear of failure' is a virus, and as with our computer when we switch it on in the morning, we need to delete it, and clear our minds of its negative aspects. Edison, the most prolific inventor in history, knew that even if he got it wrong 999 times, he would get it right in the end; he would find a way for his idea, his dream, to succeed. History will never forget those who first prove that the real and only barriers are in our minds. Societies become great because they produce men and women who lift them beyond the moment, who make the impossible possible. The legacy that they have left has fashioned our world, and that is why we are full of admiration and respect for them, want to feel part of what they have achieved, and want to collect some lasting tribute to them. Everyone has the same opportunity, the same amount of hours in a day, some just achieve more because they want to. They are not distracted by various background noises and distractions, and they don't think about things for ages or why they cannot do what they want to do, or listen to others, they just get on and do it. They have the courage of their convictions, they follow their dream, and will not stop until it is achieved. Pioneers, explorers, inventors, builders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, nobel prize winners... all lead the pack, and then leave the new ideas, innovations, and inventions open to those better able to pursue their development to maximum effect, like Steve Jobs of Apple, or Bill Gates of Microsoft. They will perhaps be better remembered than Babbage who invented the computer, or Tim Berners-Lee who invented the Internet, but all parts are necessary for the continuous growth and development in the world. The common attribute is their unwavering vision, their belief in themselves that they will succeed. They measure their own success by the goals and objectives they set themselves, and not by what others or society have set. Successful people are exciting role models for others. They have charisma and the strength and passion brought about by their total devotion to their 'calling' in life. People want to collect things associated with these greats, as a reminder of what can be achieved, especially if it is in an area of interest to them... which may be Sports, Science, Military, Entertainment, Explorers, Musicians, Artists, Writers, or people of particular interest in the historical development of their country... the list is endless, and fascinating. JK Rowling, a single Mum, with a will to win and succeed and as many writers before her, the rejections only served as markers along the way to her final success. Martin Luther King Jnr had a dream and the rest is history, but he said the following:

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy"

Churchill lead us through 'Our darkest hour' by showing courage and determination even when the chips are stacked against us. What's worth having is worth fighting for. Roger Bannister broke the impossible 4-minute barrier for the mile and within a matter of months many others had achieved the same, because they now knew it was possible.

This was the same with Edmund Hillary and the conquest of Everest. We set our own limits and we can set them higher, it is up to us, anything is possible. Cures for diseases and breakthroughs keep happening, but it is the relentless quest by those that are totally focused that make a difference in our world. Charles Upham was a New Zealand sheep farmer when he joined up to serve his country in the Second World War, and became the only serviceman in our history to date to win two VC's, amongst other medals, and survive, and show supreme courage and duty and an absolute will to protect the freedom of others in the world. At the end of the war he just returned to the sheep farm in New Zealand. There are of course great people in every field of life, and have as Longfellow wrote 'left footsteps on the sands of time'. By studying our history and these greats, there is an opportunity for all of us to perform a great thing ourselves. I hope that you will, like me, study and collect these fascinating and truly great people from our history, and understand a little better why they stand out from the crowd. As Louis Armstrong said "What a wonderful world..." All the best Paul

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