Paraiba Tourmalines



2015-06-26 10:43:23

Paraiba Tourmalines
What are Paraiba
Tourmalines? Paraiba Tourmalines from Brasilia are extremely rare gemstones - which are more than 30000 times more rare as diamonds… For more than 30000 diamonds in the market you will find only one Paraiba Tourmaline in the market place… And the price for Paraiba Tourmalines from Brasilia? Is up to about 19000 US Dollars per Carat if it is a really nice and very fine Paraiba Tourmaline… Fine Paraiba Tourmalines between 1 to 3 Carat can sell for about ten thousand Us Dollar per CaratSee additional: Stones of more than one Carat are very rare - because most Paraiba Tourmalines have a size of less than one Carat…What are the grading Guidelines for Paraiba Tourmalines? For the world-class gemlab GIA the Paraiba tourmalines are type III stones, which means, that small visible inclusions - visible by the naked eye - for such stones are normal… You can imagine this so, that the international standard for grading Sapphires is, that a normal average person, who uses a good light source, is not able to see any visible inclusions in a Sapphire, then it is a "IF-Sapphire" - Internally Flawless… Because for Diamonds - which are Type I class gemstones and Sapphires - which are Type II class gemstones by the GIA - regulations there are different clarity grading charts and methods… So - Sapphires and Paraiba Tourmalines are not clarity graded - using a 10 x magnification - instead Sapphires and Paraiba Tourmalines and other class II and III stones are clarity graded "by the naked eyes" - without any magnification… The clarity grading is then ABOUT so - that a CLARITY GRADE of P1/P2 for an DIAMOND is a CLARITY GRADE of about S1/S2 for a SAPPHIRE and a CLARITY GRADE of VS1/VS2 if it is a PARAIBA TOURMALINE… In other words: If there is a Paraiba Tourmaline with very small/very, very small inclusions - visible by the "naked eyes" it is already a VVS or even a IF Clarity Grade Paraiba Tourmaline… And if the same gemstone would be a Diamond? Then it would be - just for example - only a VS or SI Clarity Grade diamond… You have to keep in mind - always - that - if there are not would be small copper inclusions in all those Paraiba-Tourmalines - it NOT would be copper bearing Paraiba-Tourmalines… And so - all those small copper inclusions are A NATURAL AND NORMAL PART OF ALL THOSE PARAIBA TOURMALINES AND THOSE NATURAL COPPER INCLUSIONS DO NOT COUNT AS A NORMAL INCLUSIONS… And so it would not be fair, to count all those small to very small natural copper inclusions as a inclusions, just like in diamonds… Even if there are visible inclusions, the market value of Paraiba Tourmalines is very high and in the area of many thousands of US Dollars per Carat - especially for sizes of more than 2 Carat - which are very rare… And most of the time - prices are then in the area of about 10000 US Dollar per
Carat or so… However - such prices are for completely untreated Paraiba tourmalines only… I have seen heated Paraiba Tourmalines from Brazil for much lower market prices… In the area of about 35% of completely untreated Paraiba Tourmalines from Brazil and so I do advise you - to buy such Tourmalines only together with a Certificate from a reputable Gemstone labratory like GIA… Or a similar reputable gemstone labratory from another country… Tourmalines without any visible inclusions - seen by the naked eyes - are especially rare and the market value for such stones is up to about 19000 US Dollar per Carat… Resources see: and see: and - www.sudpontino-org is a dealer for paraiba tourmalines - which is mentioned here for demonstration purposes only - for typical dealer prices for paraiba tourmalines from brazil - however - this is not any recommandation - made by me - to buy there any paraiba tourmalines from brazil… So - you buy there at your own risk! Additional and very important: There a similar Tourmalines from Africa - from Mozambique and Nigeria - however - those so called "Paraiba Tourmalines" are much cheaper as the original Paraiba Tourmalines from Brazil…

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