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Vintage 80s Genuine Fur Vest w/ Brown Leather trim, Side pockets . US Size Large

Genuine Denmark Saga Mink Fur Jacket Size Medium

1960's Gorgeous Vintage Black Print Dress ~ Evening Dress,, Jeunesse, New York,...

Vintage 50s Pale yellow Satin brocade Flared dress with matching belt Size Small

Vintage 1950s Light Khaki Green Raw Silk Dress, Scallop Neckline Full Circle Siz...

Vintage 50s Emerald Green Dress, Big triangular front pockets, White lace trim S...

Rare Vintage 1935 Paramount Studios,Hollywood Navy Blue Wool Gaberdine Coat with...

Vintage Rare One of a Kind "styled By Jack McConnell Red Feather" Peach Straw wi...

Vintage Gorgeous One-of-a-Kind "Styled by Jack McConnell Red Feather Label" Feat...

Stunning Rare Vintage "Styled by Jack McConnell Red Feather" Label Emerald Green...

£50 Gift Voucher (approx. $67)

£25 Gift Voucher (approx. $34)

£100 Gift Voucher (approx. $134)

£10 Gift Voucher (approx. $13)

Prince Albert Victor strand of hair

President John F. Kennedy Authentic Strand of Hair

President John Adams Authentic Strand of Hair

President George Washington Authentic Strand of Hair

President Abraham Lincoln Bedroom Wallpaper

Pope Pius XII Personally Owned and Worn Skullcap

Pope Benedict XVI Red Carpet

Paul McCartney Authentic Strand of Hair

Original Pontins May Ball Poster

Neil Armstrong Authentic Strand of Hair for Sale

Napoleon Bonaparte Authentic Strand of Hair

Michael Jackson Authentic Strand of Hair

Marilyn Monroe Authentic Strand of Hair

Marilyn Monroe 'Happy Birthday Mr President' lock of hair

Maria Callas Authentic Strand of Hair

Mahatma Gandhi's personal food bowl, fork and spoons