In August 2008 we got an intriguing phonecall...



2015-06-26 11:46:43

In August 2008 we got an intriguing phonecall...

One of the great items of early American History had been found

A trusted contact explained the situation...

He had tracked down one of thegreat items of early American History.

An item that had last beentalked of in a 1930's book.

Handwritten and signed, not once, but twice. And over 259 years old.

Were we interested?

Paul was on the next flight to New York.

Let me explain...

When we think of early American Historywe think of the Declaration of Independence.

Only 25 exist, and they are dispersed among American and British institutions and 3 private owners.

The National Archives in Washington DC, The Library of Congress, Harvard University, Yale University, they all have copies.

Two more are held in the Public Record Office in the United Kingdom.

If one ever becomes available expect to pay $8m plus.

Another classic document is the Order of Ceremonies for the Inauguration of George Washington.

There are only four of those known to exist.

One is held by The Library of Congress, another is with the New York Historical Society, and a third is with the New York Public Library, the fourth with a private collector.

The Order of Ceremonies was only the third document printed by the Federal Government. It was written over 220 years ago.

You'll never own a copy of the first two documents written by the Federal Government as they are only known to exist in institutions - the Library of Congress and the Adams Papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Think about that for a minute

That's the common thread with this type of historical manuscript.

They are nearly all exclusively held in Museums.

That's why Paul flew straight to New York.

Thechance to purchase an item like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When items of this calibre come up at auction they set record prices.

Here's a great example...

Just recently a rare George Washington letter was expected to sell for $1.5m. After frantic bidding it sold for $3.2m.

It's not surprising; after all Washington is the First US President.

Today, Washington's face and image are often used as national symbols of the United States.

He's featured on the $1 bill.

Many things have been named in his honour.

The nation's capital Washington D.C. - only one of two capital cities across the world to be named after an American President.

Did you know the State of Washington is the only state to be named after an American?

There is even a statue of Washington in London, the capital of his enemies.

It has been claimed that the soil on which the statue stands also comes from America since Washington is reported to have said that he would never stand on English ground.

So when Paul was offered the opportunity to purchase a unique George Washington document he was on the first flight to America.

But here's the best news

The document is a land survey handwritten by George Washington and includes a scale drawing of the land involved.

It is an incredible display piece.

We don't often see Washington's handwritinglet alonehand-drawings.

But what specifically peaked Paul's interest was the date of the document.


That makes it one of the earliest known George Washington signatures. We know of only one earlier and that is in a museum.

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"None of my other investments give me the joy that autographs do, because they make me feel that I am holiding a piece of history in my hands"

  • Malcolm Forbes, Forbes Magazine

Over the last 12 months we haveconducted paper tests and had the documentappraised by a number of leading experts.

The item has been held in a private collection and has impeccable provenance.

It is also referenced in Thomas Madigan's definitive 'World Shadows of the Great' from 1930. A copy of which is included in the sale.

AsI said before...

What is so unusual is the date.

The earliest known example of a George Washington signature is dated 1748 and appears, cut into the wall of a cave in Virginia, on land belonging to his family.

Other than that there is believed to be only one earlier known signature on a Psalm which is held in a museum.

This land survey document, with two signatures, is believed to be the earliest known George Washington signature in private hands.

March 23 of the year 1750-51.

Aged 18; and 39 years before he became President.

+44 (0) 117 933 9503

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What is such a unique item worth?

The documentincludes two pages of Washington handwriting, two signatures, and a hand-drawing of the land mentioned in the survey. Dated 1750.

It is the earliest known signature, in private hands, of the First US President.

Andremember that a handwritten Washington letter recently sold for $3.2m at auction. That letter was signed (once)and dated 1787.

Here's the deal

At Paul Fraser Collectibles ourbusiness is to offer unique historical pieces of the highest quality with impeccable provenance.

We also want to encourage long term relationships with our clients.

By offering unique items like this at a fair value we are confident you will be back to purchase from us, again and again.

Our aim is to help you build a valuable collection that will benefit both you and your loved ones in the years to come.

This ultimate piece of American History can be yours today for just 60,000 ($99,000).

That is incredible value for such an important piece of history.

Put it another way...

Malcolm Forbes oncereferred to his historical documents saying"they are the most undervalued of all areas of collecting, especially when you consider what people are paying for even second rate paintings"

We couldn't agree more.

For $99,000 you have the opportunity to purchase the first signature of the first President.

After all, the only earlier known example of George Washington's signatureis held in a Museum.

+44 (0) 117 933 9503


Adrian Roose


P.S. It's our passion and we love what we do. If you are interested in historical documents please let us know. We have the contacts to help you build the collection of your dreams.

P.P.S. Monrovia, Liberia. Named after President Monroe (5th President).

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