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Antique Ivory Cribbage Boards are rare and valuable ivory boards created to be used during the card game cribbage.

Although modern-day cribbage boards are typically made out of wood and are still being mass-produced today, antique ivory cribbage boards are considered to be extremely rare and valuable for any collector because they were hand-made.Brief history

Antique ivory Scrimshaw cribbage boards are high quality cribbage boards that are made from a unique resign, and are some of the most highly sought after cribbage boards for collectors. These types of cribbage boards can come in a variety of different unique styles and designs, and usually come from the Pacific Northwest (or more specifically, the Alaska or Inuit region). However, many antique ivory boards were also made in Hong Kong and Japan as well, and usually feature unique designs and art on the front, side, or back of the cribbage board.

The origins of the cribbage card game can be dated back to as early as the 1600s, however, the design of the cribbage board might possibly "predate" the game altogether. As a matter of fact, game scoring boards which look strikingly similar to modern-day cribbage boards were found in the Egyptian pyramids as well.

Types of Antique Ivory Cribbage Boards

Antique walrus tusk cribbage boards

Bonhams in Knightsbridge sold a 47 centimeter-wide ivory Scrimshaw walrus tusk cribbage board from Scotland (circa 1933) decorated with flowers and birds for £144 in October of 2008.

Leland Little Auction & Estate Sales in Hillsborough, North Carolina sold a 19.5 inch antique ivory walrus tusk Scrimshaw cribbage board (possibly Inuit) with pictures depicting various different whale, walrus and seal hunting scenes for $475 in December of 2007.

Auction Gallery of the Palm Beaches Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida sold a 28-1/8 inch antique ivory Walrus tusk Scrimshaw cribbbage board for $425 in November of 2005.

Affiliated Auctions in Tallahassee, Florida sold:

  • An antique, hand-made 19-inch walrus tusk ivory cribbage board with six game pins (circa pre-1900) for $350 in July of 2011.
  • A six-inch antique Walrus tusk ivory Scrimshaw cribbage board with a depiction of a polar bear and an Eskimo in a canoe on the side of the board which was taken by a World War II veteran in Alaska sometime in the early to mid 1940s along with four stick pieces for $250 in June of 2005.

Antique ivory cribbage board sets

Freeman's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sold three antique ivory shell-decorated cribbage boards (circa 19th to 20th century) for $110 in May of 2004.

Antique Asian ivory cribbage boards

Priddy's Auction Galleries, Inc. in Denver, Colorado sold an antique Asian ivory cribbage board for $275 in June of 2006.

Antique English Empire inlaid ivory cribbage boards

Neal Auction Company in New Orleans, Louisiana sold an antique English Empire inlaid ivory cribbage board for $450 in February of 2007.

Game boxes

S&S Auction, Inc. in Repaupo, New Jersey sold a Tiffany & Co. Union Square cribbage board and counter game box with faux ivory hands, a lock, and a key for $700 in July of 2007.

Guide for collectors

Cribbage boards which were made out of walrus tusks are considered to be the most rare and valuable. Exotic antique ivory cribbage boards that were made in China or Hong Kong that have some sort of unique art design are also considered to be valuable.

Restoration of an antique ivory cribbage board is not recommended.

For more information regarding where to find antique ivory cribbage boards, visit Cribbage Corner.

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2018-08-22 20:07:05

Obviously toot, probably walrus. Approximately 9" long 2.5" wide and approx. 1.5" deep. Four Ivory legs. ??? I would attach pictures but not sure how, yet.



2018-08-22 20:03:27

I have this old Ivory Cribbage board.

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