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Lot 1644: French bayonet and scabbard

Lot 1284: Middle Eastern dagger

Lot 418: Italian, Tanfoglio single action Army revolver

Lot 419: Ruger falling block single shot rifle

Lot 423: DPMS Panther Arms semi-automatic rifle

Lot 420: Marlin model 1894CL Classic lever action rifle

Lot 408: Hammerli International target pistol

Lot 412: Sig Sauer model 1911-22 semi-automatic pistol

Lot 414: Smith & Wesson double action 45 revolver

Lot 400: Walther P88 compact semi-automatic pistol

Lot 404: Smith & Wesson revolver

Lot 397: Ruger P89DC semi-automatic pistol

Lot 395: Remington 870 Express Combo pump action shotgun

Lot 383: Holland & Holland double barrel shotgun

Lot 372: Winchester Commemorative Ducks Unlimited shotgun

Lot 392: Belgian Troxado de Aco percussion shotgun

Lot 402: Colt Officers model Match double action revolver

Lot 410: Webley & Scott single shot tip-up target pistol

Lot 345: German Eickhorn Teno Nazi EM hewer and scabbard

Lot 378: Belgian Browning semi-automatic shotgun

Lot 373: Ithaca Commemorative pump action shotgun

Lot 401: Smith and Wesson double action six shot revolver

Lot 364: Two three-piece split bamboo fly rods

Lot 363: Scarce Marbles felt pennant

Lot 368: Set of elk antlers, etc.

Lot 424: Colt pre-ban AR-15 model SP1 semi-automatic rifle

Lot 421: Remington Gamemaster model 760 pump action rifle

Lot 355: Colt model 1903 semi-automatic pocket pistol

Lot 396: Colt's Sheriffs model commemorative revolver

Lot 405: Smith & Wesson model 60 stainless steel revolver