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Lot 347: Batty 1850 embossed brass ''Peace'' powder flask

Lot 314: Collection of African and South Pacific spears/bow

Lot 295: Eight scrimshaw decorated powder horns, 20th c.

Lot 242: Collection of militaria

Lot 140: Percussion long rifle, 19th c.

Lot 410: Pair of moose and pronghorn antelope antlers, moos

Lot 408: Taxidermy whitetail deer head mount, ten point.

Lot 411: Pair of 6 x 6 elk antlers.

Lot 397: Chinese Norinco SKS semi-automatic rifle

Lot 395: Korean Daewoo AR-100 semi-automatic rifle

Lot 394: Gwinn Firearms Bushmaster semi-automatic arm pisto

Lot 400: Non-functioning dummy Ak-47, with folding stock.

Lot 401: Taxidermy mule deer head mount

Lot 409: Two mounted steer horns, 31'' w. and 28'' w.

Lot 391: Israeli Galil model 372 semi-automatic rifle

Lot 412: Five sets of deer antlers.

Lot 386: Italian Spectre semi-automatic pistol

Lot 382: Illinois Arms semi-automatic rifle

Lot 379: Cobray M12 semi-automatic pistol

Lot 375: Remington Model 700 BDL rifle

Lot 376: Remington model 870 tactical shotgun

Lot 402: Three mounted antlers

Lot 405: Black Forest gun rack, ca. 1900

Lot 367: European or Persian etched steel buckler armor

Lot 387: Intratec Tec-22 pistol

Lot 390: Korean Daewoo K1A1 semi-automatic rifle

Lot 407: Taxidermy whitetail deer head mount, nine point.

Lot 396: Chinese Norinco SKS semi-automatic rifle

Lot 404: Taxidermy caribou head mount

Lot 385: Armitage International Scarab Skorpion pistol