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Lot 559: World War II Posters: Careless Talk Posters

Lot 551: Montgomery of Alamein Book

Lot 555: Alexander Stephens Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 554: Winfield Scott Schley Book

Lot 558: World War II Poster: Battle-Wise Soldier Poster

Lot 538: Confederate Order Order

Lot 547: Leslie R. Groves Book

Lot 549: Douglas MacArthur Book

Lot 517: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Ans

Lot 518: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 545: Flying Tigers Group Lot

Lot 521: Civil War Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 522: Gettysburg Diary

Lot 534: Albrecht von Wallenstein Signed Letter

Lot 536: Henry A. Barnum Signed Photo

Lot 520: John C. Fremont Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 557: World War II Group Lot

Lot 563: Sgt. Alvin C. York Book

Lot 552: Ernie Pyle Book

Lot 550: Douglas MacArthur First Day Cover

Lot 544: Enola Gay: Tibbets and Sweeney Signed Photo

Lot 546: Mitsuo Fuchida Book

Lot 540: Henry Dearborn Signed Letter

Lot 542: Enola Gay Group Lot

Lot 532: Napoleon Signed Document

Lot 537: Omar Bradley Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 539: George A. Custer Envelope

Lot 526: George A. Custer Carte-De-Visite

Lot 528: Ferdinand Foch Signed Photo

Lot 535: Robert Baden-Powell Book