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Lot 1416: Six faux bone, stag and flint knives, etc.

Lot 1419: Contemporary Bowie knife

Lot 1404: Ithaca BSA Meteor pellet gun

Lot 1399: Screw barrel percussion pistol

Lot 1406: Crosman model 1 air rifle

Lot 1405: Daisy model 25 BB gun

Lot 1409: Two Walter Stockdale custom carved knives

Lot 1411: Group of collector knives

Lot 1457: Contemporary whaling harpoon

Lot 1415: Five Promedoca jungle knives

Lot 1417: Seven Middle Eastern knives

Lot 1414: Four contemporary Japanese tanto combat knives

Lot 1398: Indo Persian spiked chain mail helmet

Lot 1407: Spanish Muela Lenador fixed blade bowie knife

Lot 1412: Group of collector knives

Lot 1413: Folding knife

Lot 1420: Group of collector's knives

Lot 1410: Bowie knife

Lot 1408: Two Walter Stockdale custom carved knives

Lot 1418: Seven custom stag and bone handled knives

Lot 1403: Webley & Scott Tempest air pistol, etc.

Lot 262: Pennsylvania full stock flintlock long rifle

Lot 470: Italian Pedersoli reproduction Sharps rifle

Lot 479: Copy of a Postdam military pistol, etc.

Lot 458: Italian Pedersoli copy, Harper's Ferry 1807 pisto

Lot 463: Uberti Dixie Gun Works single action revolver

Lot 467: Uberti Cimarron Modern American carbine

Lot 469: Uberti Cimarron's Repeating Arms Co. rifle

Lot 459: Italian Pietta copy of an 1860 Army revolver

Lot 473: Uberti Navy Arms model 73 carbine