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Women in WWII exhibition to run in Boston until October

Winston Churchill-smoked cigar bought by Piers Morgan

Enigma machine codebook to auction at Bonhams

Jewish concentration camp collection sells to Holocaust museum

200-year-old Battle of Trafalgar biscuit could top $3,000 at auction

American D-Day flag valued at up to $60,000

JH Dance Confederate Dragoon revolver to sell

Hiroshima navigator’s log to sell at Bonhams

Adolf Hitler’s office desk sells for $29,000

First world war airman’s letters to sell

HMS Victory Union Jack from the Battle of Trafalgar tops $400,000

Historic sale offers Adolf Hitler's "Million Dollar Desk"

Rare WWII German Enigma machine tops $400,000 at Sotheby's

Remarkable WWII 'Rat Bomb' to sell at Bonhams

Was this Adolf Hitler's personal phone book?

U.S flag flow during D-Day landings could sell for $50,000

Deadly WWII spy gadget collection set for auction

The scarf hand-knitted for a British war hero by Queen Victoria

Dambusters raid 'Bouncing Bomb' release button sold for £40,000

The Revolutionary War amputation kits of Dr. John Warren

U.S flag flown during D-Day landings to sell at Bonhams

The Secret POW Camp Radio That Inspired A Hollywood Classic

Unseen candid photographs of Adolf Hitler fetch $42,000 in U.K sale

Adolf Hitler's WWII telephone tops $240,000 in U.S auction

Hitler's WWII Telephone to auction in the U.S

German M4 naval Enigma machine sets new world record

Enola Gay navigator's log realises $372,500

Chinese Emperor's rifle smashes estimate at Sotheby's

Military scarf knitted by Queen Victoria could sell for $100,000

Bonhams to sell one of the world's first machine guns